May 15, 2019

Leading by Example

Leading by ExampleHappy Wednesday to you all! I hope your week is going well. As you probably figured out, my blog/vlog is a little later than usual (AGAIN!).

I’ve been really busy with clients and recording new episodes for my Living 4D podcast, since my family and I landed back in California after the awesome Paleo f(x) in Austin!

By the way, have you listened to my latest Living 4D conversation with Nick Pineault, The EMF Guy, yet? 5G is here folks and it isn’t going away. PLEASE!!! listen to our conversation and get informed about the growing health issues concerning electromagnetic field now!

This week’s vlog is a really short one, but its ramifications are very broad, very deep and very emotional for many of you…

At most gatherings — whether I’m talking to health and fitness professionals at trade shows or my students in the classroom — a common question I get asked ALL THE TIME! is how to avoid getting burned out and overwhelmed mentally, emotionally and physically by clients (or family!) asking more from you than you are willing and able to give.

If you allow the needs of others to weigh you down, very simply, you become THAT PERSON you are trying to help.

So, how do you prevent that from happening?

I hope my response to this question asked by a student from India at a recent CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3 course gives you clarity along with some wisdom from Abraham Lincoln!


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Love and chi,