February 22, 2024

Seeing is Believing With Reinerio Hernandez

How does a total atheist with multiple degrees and doing very boring work as a U.S. tax attorney become a true believer and a researcher of the paranormal?

It started with a conversation Reinerio Hernandez had with his then-wife about putting their 15-year-old family dog to sleep due to unrelenting paralysis and ended with a paranormal experience that healed his dog and changed his life forever.

In this moving blog/vlog from our Living 4D conversation, Rey talks about his encounters, including the beginnings of telepathic connections with his daughter and extraterrestrials that led to nearly four years of non-stop paranormal experiences.

You’ll also learn why our experiences with the paranormal are so vivid, so quick and so common too…


If this excerpt from my Living 4D podcast with Reinerio Hernandez sparks of your curiosity to learn more — for example, why are so many paranormal experiences happening NOW? — check out our full conversation!

Love and chi,