January 11, 2024

Life and Death plus a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Life and Death plus a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!There’s little doubt in my mind that 2024 will be a much more challenging year for all of us.

Our leaders don’t know how to lead and they have no desire to help us get our world to the place in which improving our good collective health — physically and mentally — is at the forefront.

We cannot be healthier than the earth we live in or the water we drink. It just cannot be done…

We have a lot of critical decisions to make in 2024, and now is not the time to be sitting on the sidelines and letting other people make them for you.

Instead of my usual blog/vlog that fills this space most of the time, I want to share my recent Living 4D solocast that’s very intentionally titled Life and Death.

If you need some help finding your way forward and are unsure where to begin, my solocast will help you get started. You’ll learn why the tarot archetype for 2024 is strength — you cannot initiate changes that last without it — and how the number 8 factors into all of this.


Plus, I’ll share a special announcement about the next generation of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, an online version featuring more than 60 videos, multiple self-assessments and a downloadable guidebook and a digital version of HTEMBH!

Love and chi,