January 4, 2024

Do You Feel Stuck With Jerry Kuykendall

Do You Feel Stuck With Jerry KuykendallIt takes some awareness for human beings to realize that they are the architect of their lives…

Taking that kind of responsibility for your actions — something that not that many people actually like, want or choose to do — isn’t easy.

Owning your life in these ways sets you apart from most people. Your eyes are wide open about your choices, you know the difference between what’s life-affirming and what kills your soul day-in and day-out and you work hard to live as authentic a life as you possibly can.

For a minute, imagine the 180 opposite of that existence. One in which you’ll own that big house and earn a great living that supports a big house and family but you feel like a robot. You don’t have to think. You just do…

Not so long ago, CHEK Practitioner Jerry Kuykendall was faced with those same brainless, programmable challenges too, until he chose to be just a little more aware about his situation and realized he was living someone else’s dream.

“And once you get the gratitude and awareness, can you still make this work? Does this match your skillset? Does this match why you were put here? Is this the best? Are you giving people your best by choosing this career? Hell no! Why would you stay? It’s safe, it’s easy. Is that an acceptable answer? Hell no!

Jerry describes the process it takes to develop a loving relationship with the one person who really matters — himself — in this very personal and illuminating blog/vlog.


If you need more inspiration to go the extra mile and find to live that authentic life for yourself, I strongly encourage you to watch my entire Living 4D conversation with Jerry Kuykendall.

Love and chi,