October 19, 2011


Hello and Good Wednesday!

Today I look forward to start teaching HLC 3 here in Vista and connecting with my students.

We will cover many interesting aspects of how the human body-mind construct functions and dysfunctions.

I will be teaching my students how to use infant development exercises and a variety of simple, effective and practical methods for helping their clients find body-mind balance and live their dreams.

I managed to sneak in a nice little training session yesterday. I did six sets of front squats coupled with Swiss ball Swan Push-ups (also called Bruce Lee Push-ups) and then got right back to work.

I hope you found time to nourish your movement needs as well.

We also had a great PPS coaching call last night. I always enjoy answering people’s deepest questions and helping them find some light in any situation I can.


Yesterday we talked about the issues of heredity.

I briefly outlined some of the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan in this regard and concluded with some suggestions for cultivating awareness as to how heredity is influencing us.

I also suggested embracing the heredity factors that are congruent with your dream and the aspects of your personality that are working, and being aware of and letting go of those aspects that aren’t working.

Today, I’d like to spend a moment sharing some of my views on a very common problem that in some aspects, is often related to the issues of heredity we’ve discussed so we can expand on our conversation constructively.



Above, you can see I’m using the same diagram we did yesterday.

Now that you are familiar with it, it should be easier to follow as we look into our topics today.

We discussed that the soul is essentially consciousness. The soul passes through the realm of existence or the realm of relationships (tai-chi) on it’s journey of experiencing Self as “self”; consciousness becomes conscious of.

In that journey, I highlighted Khan’s explanation of the fact that the soul gains it’s first imprints from the angelic realm, where there is no impetus for good or bad, no ego-mind.

Our journey toward the earth plane is one in which we pick up imprints from the pure angelic beings that have not been human, and then we encounter those that have been and are on their return route to the Divine, or to UNION.

I also shared Khan’s description of the Jinn and how the soul makes contact with them, whom have a great influence on our mental-emotional aspects.

We finished our little journey yesterday by discussing the issues of parental or genetic heredity and how through awareness, we can change our inner and outer environments such that we don’t facilitate negative genetic or heredity traits.

For example, if your parents and grandparents have a history of alcoholism, and your innate tendency is to gravitate toward alcohol, by being aware, you can choose to enjoy another form of social joy or connection and minimize the chances of falling into a heredity trap.

If you look at the TAO diagram above again, you will see that the level of  connection to Divine Consciousness is highest at the level of the soul, for the soul is the divine within you; it is the transition point between the conditioned realm and the Unconditional.

The soul is as a portal to Divine Intelligence that is always open to anyone who is willing to calm themselves enough to hear the silence speaking within them.

The soul is “consciousness” above the ego-mind, and consciousness within the ego mind, as well as being the doorway or hitch between the Eternal and the temporal.

The Universal Mind expresses the Divine Reality of Self looking at Self and experiencing ITSELF.

The human ego-mind is essentially a miniature model of the Universe at large. It is em-bodied within your body in this lifetime.

Once we go below the ego-mind, which gives you the gift of self-awareness and the opportunity for self-control, you enter the realm of the body.

The body is composed of the products of the earth, which are essentially mineral, plant, and animal, with the consciousness of a human being infused within it.

Our bodies operate largely on the principles of plants (organs and glands) and animals (the musculoskeletal system and conscious components of the brain).

When we look at the fact that all living, sentient beings, be they single celled organisms, plants, or animals of any size have essential biological needs for survival, some factual realities emerge.

1. The biological aspects of ourselves, our bodies, need shelter, warmth, food, and safety from environments or creatures that threaten them.

2. If any one of these essentials isn’t met, the organism experiences progressively higher levels of stress. Reproduction can halt or become distorted once the organism can’t meet its needs for survival.

3. Stress reactions occur within any living organism that initially serve to motivate it to meet its needs at any cost, or it will die.

4. In those organisms, such as humans, that have self-awareness or an ego construct, the impetus of the biological or instinctual mind (of the cells) sends progressively strong impulses to the mind to act in accordance with meeting survival needs.

If the organism does, it will survive, and if it adapts effectively, it may thrive again.

As we make the journey downward from TAO, to soul, to mind, to emotions, to body, the realm of conscious connection becomes progressively limited and the impetus for action-reaction becomes greater and greater.

There is less and less conscious “choice” and more and more unbound survival urge.

There is less problem solving ability at a conscious level and more reliance on genes and heredity to solve problems, which are not consciously controlled any more than a computer is “conscious” of what program you are running on it.

If we continue to eat and live in such a way that we abuse our bodies, or even ignore them, we naturally diminish our capacity for conscious problem solving at the level of the rational intellect.

Instead of searching for water when we are thirsty, we search for soda pop or drink pasteurized milk and juices simply because they are available and taste good (to those disconnected from their natural wisdom).

If we continue to ignore our awareness factor and keep living in stressful ways, instead of coming home and relaxing and doing things that truly nourish us, we may reach for the bottle and facilitate our heredity addiction patterns or potentials instead of inhibiting them by creating an environment unfavorable for the alcoholic gene’s expression.

If you simply think of the body as though it were a horse, carrying the rider (the mind), you know that in general, a well trained horse can carry you into many situations ranging from work, to joy, to battle.

To the degree that the horse is well trained and cared for, it will respond even when circumstances look challenging or bleak, such as war.

Yet, if the horse is dehydrated, or starving, or sick, all the whipping in the world won’t do anything but further add stress and increase the risk of it dying.

If we allow our bodies to commandeer our minds, it is as though the horse is now riding on our back!

We become labored. We become imbued with the fears of the biological mind’s need for meeting its essential survival needs.

If we get sick and confused enough, we mistake the requests of the body (horse) for food, water, shelter, warmth or rest and give it coffee, tea, processed sugar, and eat fake foods that are nothing but a bunch of chemicals that would kill lab rats.

Soon, the weight of carrying the horse on our backs results in progressively more fatal experiences.

One of the indicators of a sick culture is that it is confused as to how to effectively meet its essential biological needs. This leads to purchase and consumption of a wide variety of very dangerous substances.

Medical drugs are possibly now the biggest killer of all.

Poisoned, commercially farmed and genetically modified foods are not only being touted by those among us called “scientists”, who are supposed to be some of the smartest people among us.

People at large are so overwhelmed from carrying their horse on their back, they don’t even have an ounce of rationality left in them and fall for the kind of silliness that even a dog or a cat would scorn.

If you don’t believe me, see how hungry most animals have to get before they will eat an Oreo cookie or Count Chocula, or a Mars bar!

Let’s ALL love and care for our body-horse. Let’s love and care for each other. Let’s love and care for our environment. Let’s demonstrate genuine Love!!

This is a simple first step to regaining your emotions and your ego-mind, which is essential to having the inner quietude needed to access your soul, the Divine within you.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek