July 19, 2011

Sharing Friend’s Creations ~*~

Welcome to Our Day!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the series on Soul-Union we just completed; which means you have an opportunity for daily practice ☺.

I had a great deadlift session yesterday. I coupled deadlifts off a step-box with Swiss ball-dumbbell biceps curls and reptilian crawling for five circuits. Felt great.

I’ve been working on my new Monthly Message and Q&A with Paul for www.chekconnect.com, which takes a little time each month to prepare and film. The next edition of my Monthly Message is about a concept I call “The PainTeacher”; how to learn from your pain instead of drugging your self into ignorance!

Today, as soon as I finish this blog, I’m heading home to conduct a day-long Native American healing session and inner-exploration with one of my friends, student and highly respected athlete, Andrew Johnson. Andrew is the author of Holistic Strength Training For Triathlon and a very skilled CHEK Practitioner who works with people of all walks of life in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can learn more about Andrew’s book, blog and offerings at: https://www.triumphtraining.com Andrew has competed in the Tour de’ France and the iron man multiple times. Though those major athletic events were certainly challenging, healing himself from leukemia was a bigger challenge, yet, in his natural nature, he triumphed.

Our work today is to explore inner-nature, which will include art, rock work, and very possibly some chanting, and other methods for harmonizing with our inner-self and Self.

In my career I’ve been blessed to see many of my students go through amazing life-transformations. I’ve seen many come to my HLC and PPS courses who were shaking and sweating for fear of drawing, yet, within a few months, some of these people turn into amazing artists.

Today, I thought I’d keep it light since we’ve been doing some “deep work” lately. I’ve had some lovely photos forwarded to me lately that I wanted to share with you.

Hopefully, the artistic expressions you see here will inspire you to find the joy of creating within you.

Amazing Stack Art!

My buddy Jae Sabol sent me this photo of a stack that “Joel”, a friend of his created in his kitchen. This guy does some amazing stuff. You can see a variety of photos of his rock art projects at www.thingsistack.com

Here are a few other amazing shots Jae Sabol forwarded as well:

A few of my students sent me some pics of their rock work. Matt D’Amour is a HLC3 Coach and recently attended one of my recent zen in the Garden workshops. He caught the rock-stacking bug and sent me this photo to share what he’s been creating at home. Great work Matt!

Paul Jensen, a Level 4 CHEK Practitioner also attended a zen in the Garden workshop recently and he too caught the rock-stacking bug. Here are a couple photos he sent of him and his kids spending time getting to know the Stone Buddhas! Great job Paul! Lovely to see your children getting some nature and nurture with Dad!

And here is Brandon Wicklund (another PPS and CHEK Practitioner) and his girlfriend Cherie’s rock work out in the desert.

The amazing piece of art you see below was created and give to me as a gift by Kerry Gleeson, an HLC 3 Practitioner from Australia. Kerry’s art is amazing and some of you may remember me sharing her paintings before. I could meditate on this amazing piece of art for hours and hours, and I will! Thanks for sharing your Love Kerry!

Sven Hansen is a great artist, photographer and does great rock-art as well. Sven and I have done a lot of work together over the years and watching his artistic expression grow into it’s potential has been an amazing experience for me. I love this photo of the bee loving the flower Sven sent me so I thought I’d share it with you.

Bees are the most amazing, beautiful little beings and I love them.

Well, that’s show-n-tell for today!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today, perhaps inspired you to create something new and awesome.

I look forward to sharing something new and interesting with you tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek