February 24, 2009

January ~ February, 2009

Well, please excuse my tardiness with getting a fresh blog out to share my life with you. I’ve been very busy with my duties at the Institute, which has included traveling to teach, rewriting CHEK Programs, working with PPS students and projects, patients and more. I’ve done some art and some great reading along the way, some of which I’ll share with you below.

In this blog, I offer the following contents:

  • Travels and teachings, exercise
  • New Productions
  • EC, CHEK Connect, OSHO, HAQ
  • Upcoming new “spiritual constellation” monthly membership
  • Toronto workshop
  • Coming Soon: New “Khijra’s Constellation” monthly membership

Since we last spoke, I did a whirlwind trip to Europe and the UK to teach. As it turned out, I was short 8,000 air miles for renewing my United Gold card and I wasn’t about to let that lapse! I travel a tremendous amount each year and if there’s one beautiful thing about a gold card it is that you can check in through business class, which is much faster and they actually treat you like a human instead of an animal to be placed in the cargo section. So, off I went to earn my air miles by sharing the message of holistic health in Sweden, Denmark and England:


Here you can see me with Lennart Blomberg, his wife Gunnila, their daughter Madeleine and our friend Maxim, a former world champion in Olympic weight lifting. The Blomberg’s own Eleiko Barbell Company in Sweden and they are out Swedish distributor. I often stay at their home when in Sweden so we can spend quality time together. They are not only our distributors, but Penny and I cherish their friendship very much. It was great to visit them on this short trip, as well as getting to see Maxim, who lives in Moscow where he works to distribute Eleiko’s products in Russia.

While in Sweden, I taught my new one-day workshop titled Sports Performance Begins (and Ends!) In Your Mouth. We had a mix of people from sports conditioning professionals to medical doctors in attendance and the training was well received. Most people found out that they were eating incorrectly for their bodies’ needs, so needless to say, they were happy to find congruence with their body.

It was great to visit all of you in Sweden!


My next stop was Copenhagen. Our Danish distributor, Alun Biggart, did an excellent job promoting my lectures Flatten Your Abs Forever (available on DVD at www.chekinstitute.com) and The CHEK Approach To Integrated Holistic Health. His little home education center was maxed out with between 68-80 in each lecture. People seemed to really enjoy these lectures.

Copenhagen Cars

I went outside to get some fresh air on one of the breaks (jet lag!) and was amazed to see how far down the road the parked cars went. I had to take a photo to share with you. Alun’s home is on the outskirts of a small town outside Copenhagen and I don’t think people are use to having eighty cars over at anyone’s house on any given day. The cars, as you can see, went for as far down the road as I could see. I thought it was cool that all these cars had come to this little gathering to learn about how to eat better and love the body better for overall health and well-being. Thank You Denmark! Your love and willingness are well noted and appreciated.


After hopping from Sweden to Copenhagen for just one day, I was off to London. I offered the same lectures there as I gave in Copenhagen. We gave the lectures at the British College Of Osteopathic Medicine in their lecture hall. We sold it out at 80, which was lovely. Alex McKenzie did a great job promoting the lectures, as you can see.

NSCA Southern California Meeting Lecture

[flv:NSCAIntegration.flv NSCAIntegration.jpg 580 450]

On November 8th, I gave a lecture in Irvine, CA, for the NSCA’s Southern California Chapter on Integrated Strength Training. My lecture was one hour long and I covered the basic applications of my 1-2-3-4 model for strengthening and conditioning athletes. If you are interested in learning more about this model, I’ve produced a comprehensive program with 10 hours of audio and a self-help manual titled The 1-2-3-4 of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease. It is available at www.ppssuccess.com in the Products and Programs section. I recently ran a teleconference series for all those that purchased it and the series went very well and I received very positive feedback from participants on the calls. Several CHEK Practitioners participated and it was great to hear their feedback as to their own inner-explorations with the drills in the manual, as well as how they were using it with their clients. Thanks for participating each of you!


Penny, myself, Gary Crozier and his team in Sydney, Australia have put a lot of work into our new integrated media/education web site for CHEK Practitioners, health and exercise professionals, and the public at large. This project has take a few years to get launched because it is HUGE. We’ve got everything the CHEK Practitioners need there, from assessments to videos of their evaluations, evaluation forms, business support software, and anyone in the industry can have a custom web site built for themselves there at a very reasonable cost.

There is a lot of great media there for anyone as well. We offer a CHI index which allows anyone to fill out the questionnaires from my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! and get what I call their Chi Index. Your Chi Index shows you how stressed your body is and informs you of ways to improve and what chapters in my book cover the information you need to improve your well-being. You can also watch me give a lecture on the CHEK Principles that underlie my teachings for all CHEK Practitioners. There are a number of educational resources available that are produced by CHEK Faculty as well. Have a look. I’m confident you’ll find it a wealth of information and a great source of support!


Here you can see Gary Crozier and I preparing to do some filming for CHEK Connect. Gary and I have been working together since about 1996 when Gary was my patient. He went on to become a very successful CHEK Practitioner and through his own evolution as a CHEK Practitioner, he saw a need for a bigger support system for CHEK Professionals and the public. So, when you see CHEK Connect, you are seeing Gary’s legacy! Gary was also one of the first people to finish all 12 of the PPS Success Mastery Program lessons. Thanks for all your love and support Gary!


Here you can see Mike, one of the models and staff working with me and Gary to put together a new video on how to find and palpate bony landmarks. Mike is getting ready to do a white balance, which is what you need to do to make sure the colors are correctly reflected in film productions. As you can see, we try to keep things light when we work.

CHEKConnectQA Each month, I offer a Q&A for people that sign up for that monthly membership. I get a lot of very good questions on all aspects of life. The questions range from issues of God and religion to questions of exercise and even challenging health questions. I do my best to help everyone with practical advice. Many people wonder why I speak so much about religion. If you are interested in reading a letter I composed for my students explaining my personal philosophy of life and why I speak about religion in my teachings, you may read by clicking on this link: Why I Speak Of Religion As I Do

Chek Connect Forums:

Just so you are all aware, we have forums for the public as well as CHEK Practitioners and healthcare professionals at www.chekconnect.com If you would like to meet the CHEK Practitioners, please feel free to do so: “CHEK US OUT!” at www.chekconnect.com.


Welcome to this blog’s edition of the P.U.R.L.S., which stands for:

P = Purpose
U = Unity
R = Release and Realize
L = Lifestyle
S = Spirituality

For the period between now and the next blog, I invite you to join me in sharing the following P.U.R.L.S.:


The purpose of life is to live! But what does it mean to live? To live simply means to be ALIVE. When you are truly alive, you don’t feel dead inside. You aren’t stuck. In my work coaching and counseling people through hardships, I consistently see that when people get stuck in old, out-dated ideas, they progressively stop living. It is essential that we all understand that any idea in our head is old; any programmed belief came from yesterday – the past. As Osho says, “the past is dead!”. Ideas an only be lived in the present moment and to the very degree that you “enliven” any idea in the present, you may feel the truth as to weather that idea is, or is not optimizing the flow of life. When we are in the flow of life, we have an innate sense of awareness. That awareness is one of truth with regard to weather our actions are life-affirmative for self, and other. Our first relationship is with self. Our relationships with any other (person, place or thing) can only reflect the harmony or disharmony we embody within our “self”.

Life lived is a totally novel process; there is only one of us and there will only ever be one of each of us. To the degree that your ideas are not your own, you are not living life authentically. Only when the ideas of any other are embodied in your unique expression of self as life in such a way that you are enlivened, are you ever truly living. For example, I can teach you how to use a Swiss ball in a way that minimizes your risk of injury and maximizes your chances of getting the results you want. Yet, it is your ability to be novel, unique in your expression of such teachings in that you do indeed use the Swiss ball safely and effectively to create “your own” dream. When we use the teachings of any other in this way, their offering becomes a facilitating process, allowing us greater opportunity to live freely, without obstructions that often come from ignorance. A fantastic example of what I’m referring to here can be clearly experienced by listening to Deepak Chopra’s recent audio program, The Third Jesus. Deepak clearly outlines the message Jesus brought to humanity and beautifully distinguishes between getting hung up on words and false interpretations in the name of “Jesus”, and actually embodying the teachings of Jesus as your own (living!) experience.

This month (blog period Smiley), would you be willing to look at your own ideas and see if they are actually helping you live? If you need help, may I suggest that you consider my recently released program titled the 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease, which includes 10 hours of audio instruction and a self-help manual for performing this very kind of inner-exploration. The program is a simplified version of the more comprehensive process I use when offering private coaching and healing sessions or in my Zero Force coaching program. (Zero Force coaching is for those truly ready to invest in achieving body~mind~Soul harmony; you can learn more by requesting Zero Force coaching information from [email protected])


Unity is the antithesis of division. Whenever we destroy life, we create division; to create division is commonly the source of fear in our lives. For example, if we over consume resources, such as water, food, trees, etc, we are destroying the very fabric of life. When we use what we need as an essential process for creating well-being for self, we are also creating that for others. What we do for ourselves, we do for others. We become silent teachers, living examples for all to see and emulate. To the degree that our children, family members, friends, peers and people in general emulate us in creating unity, we are cultivating unity for all.

This blog period, would you be willing to observe your use of resources and pay attention as to weather your actions, if emulated by all of humanity, would bring the planet into harmony (unity)?


When I exercise, stretch or mobilize my body, I choose to hold the conscious intention of my dream. This way, when I find blockages, obstructions to the flow of life-force within me, I can be present with the emotions and thoughts associated with them. Through this awareness, I can transform such blockages into my dreams.


This is me training in my gym at the institute. My gym is an extension of my temple-of-self. My training time is an essential part of my spiritual practice. After all, the first and most important temple we all have is our very body – home to our Soul! What’s the point of going to some pile of bricks and mortar to worship if what you are bringing there doesn’t express an honoring of the Divine within?

[flv:RyanPaul.flv RyanPaul.JPG 580 450]

Here, you can see my friend and student Ryan Hughes and I training together. When Ryan and I train together, I’m both living my dream and sharing it with him. Friendship is really a process of sharing dreams. Ryan often takes what he learns from our time together and applies it to the many elite motto-cross racers he trains. This spreads dream creation like wind spreads seeds. When we cross-pollinate dreams, we are dream weaving.


Here you can see me at home in the morning sun expressing my dreams for the day. This helps me get clear on my intentions so that when I move my body, I can program it to help me fulfill my dreams through healthy means.

This blog period, would you be willing to make sacred time to move your body – to clean and adorn your temple so it is a suitable place of worship for Your Soul?



When our lifestyle disconnects us from nature, it can’t truly be refereed to as “life – style”. Life is one with nature. Here you see me with some of my healing tools. I often take them out into my garden so they can commune with the earth, water, sun and air, which is their home too. When I let them be in nature, they accumulate Mother Nature’s healing energy, which allows me to share it with my body and my patients bodies.

This blog period, would you be willing to spend a few minutes or more in nature each day, accumulating healing energy from Mother Nature?



Spirit is the energy of the Divine expressed as movement, the creative force that enlivens All Life. I drew this diagram to express my life’s work in this lifetime, which is to achieve full Body~Mind~Soul harmony as an offering to myself and others. After all, how can I expect others to behave as spiritual beings if I’m not willing to do it myself? I find that expressing myself artistically helps me both feel my inner-truth, and leave myself visual reminders of my highest principle, which is to Love self and other honestly, authentically.

This blog period, would you be willing to put some color to paper and express the beauty within you? If you would be willing to share you expression with me by sending a digital photo, I’ll do my best to share some of your self-expressions in my next blog.


Here is a beautiful piece of metal art my student Christi Sullivan (CHEK Level III) created. I asked her if I could share it with you because I thought it was a beautiful expression of her beauty! You can see more of Christi’s art here:

Christi Sullivan

Thank You Christi!



LAO-TZU: “My Words Are Very Easy To Understand” Lectures on the Tao Teh Ching, by Man-jan Cheng

Many of my students are familiar with Lao Tzu’s teachings because I use them frequently as a model to understand the life process. I also use them as a means of showing the limitations of any dogma, religious or otherwise.

Man-jan Cheng, (now deceased) was an extraordinary scholar; he was a true Wiseman, not just a teacher that regurgitated other teacher’s words. In this beautiful book, he not only explains Lao Tzu’s simple meanings, he gives a comparative view from the prospective of Lao Tzu’s contemporary, Confucius. This book is sure to plant seeds of self-growth in anyone open enough to look at their own living philosophy and see where the words of a true master can offer soft guidance. I can’t recommend it enough in today’s cultural clash with “self” and nature.

Cultivating the Empty Field The Silent Illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi by Taigen Dan Leighton

This beautiful book is most applicable for those who are ready to climb above the dictates of sectarian religious ideals. Those who’ve reached a point in their life where they’ve come to realize the limitations of intellectualization of ideas, may find that the very reading of this book cultivates moments of inner-stillness – true meditative experiences. It also gives a beautiful look at the Zen philosophy of life and how it is lived by true masters. For those that still need to be told what to do, it may well cause confusion, chaos, which is the first step to change.

Inner Paths To Outer Space Journeys to Alien Worlds through Psychedelics and Other Spiritual Technologies by Rick Strassman, M.D., Slawer Wojtowicz, M.D., Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D., and Ede Frecska, M.D.

This is a beautiful, scholarly, well written book that tells the truth of what a shaman is, how they are created and gives many excellent insights into the nature of consciousness. There are great insights into the benefits and dangers of psychedelics as part of a spiritual practice. Those with dogmatic views on the use of psychedelics may find this book very insightful and are likely to be comforted that it is written primarily by medical doctors. I personally found this book to be excellent. I’ve read a tremendous amount on such topics, as they are an essential part of my work as a Native American Medicine Man – Spirit Guide so you can rest assured, I wouldn’t recommend this book if I didn’t feel, from extensive experience of my own, that it was truly worth reading.

DVD Programs:

The Future Of Christianity – A Startling New Vision Of Hope For The 21st Century with Father Thomas Keating and Ken Wilber – https://integrallife.com/future-christianity


This is the BEST DVD, or resource on “true Christianity” I’ve EVER seen!! I’ve been saddened my whole life, at what Christianity at large has produced as the fruits of its sociocultural influence around the world. Having spent a lot of time studying Christianity because it’s been at the root of so much pain in my patients and student’s lives, I’ve always found it paradoxical that the roots of Christianity are beautiful, and the religion has the ability to produce amazing spiritual growth and development, without dogma in the hands of true Christian teachers. Father Thomas Keating IS an amazingly beautiful human being. He warms my heart every time I hear him speak. He is an amazing exemplification of what can occur when anyone really lives the teachings of Jesus Christ! Teamed with arguably one of the greatest philosophers alive, Ken Wilber, these amazing men offer anyone a look at an up-to-date spiritual model that literally has the power to heal humanity. This DVD is a “MUST SEE” for anyone practicing sectarian Christianity or anyone wanting to experience what a true contemplative practice can produce through the flowering of the human soul.

2012 Science or Superstition by numerous contributors

This DVD is excellent because it addresses many of the myths and fears being generated around the issue of 2012. The contributors give well-grounded viewpoints. For people who fear the onset of 2012, this DVD may be good medicine. I enjoyed experiencing it.


Here are some of the art pieces Vidya and I created in our down-time. We hope you enjoy them!

Khijra Releases:

Khijra Releases

You may remember from me mentioning it before, but incase you don’t know, “Khijra” means “Guiding Soul”. Your soul is your Khijra and whenever you quite your mind, Khijra can speak to you. Remember, your mind and your ego are synonymous terms. If you are listening to your ego speak, chances are very good you are not hearing the inner-voice of you soul. When we don’t hear our inner-voice, it is easy to become needy and dependent upon others for love, company, and the very guidance that is best taken from within. By the way, Dr. Quiet (see my ebook The Last 4 Doctor You’ll Ever Need at www.ppssuccess.com) IS your Khijra!

Morning Lotus:

Morning Lotus

This emerged on a warm winter morning during the holidays. Here you can see the lotus emerging out of the water into the light. This represents how important the natural elements are for the happiness of my wellbeing.

Marriage Of The Elements:

Marriage of the Elements

This image appeared through my inner-vision as an expression of the spiritual meaning of the proposed events of 2012, which in my opinion are all about awareness of the truth of life. Here you see the earth eclipsing the sun, which produces one vision for all to see. That vision is expressed by the flower, which represents becoming conscious that we are all expressions of The One Divine Reality.



I had this vision that I was to somehow convey the soothing energy of water in this simple mandala. Can you feel it harmonizing your own water?

Tao Doodle:

Tao Doodle

This was the result of a morning meditation on the Tao. Tao means the unity of the unseen, non-existent and the seen, existent realities. Osho describes this reality as being expressed in what he calls, the sacred number 100.

1 = The One Reality; the marriage of the non-existent with the existent
0 = The subtle reality; there but not seen; love is there by can’t be seen or measured!
0 = The gross material reality.

Ethereal Flowers:

Ethereal Flowers

The translucent quality of the flowers reflects my many relationships with the important people in my life – we are all transparent to each other and through our overlapping connections we enhance each other’s colors. Do you have relationships like this?

Well, as most of you know, I am back on the road this year and will be speaking and teaching around the world. Below is my upcoming schedule. I hope that you will join me.

Upcoming Events

New York, New York

February 26th to 28th, 2009 : ECA NY

Pre Conference: Scientific Stretching Thursday 9-6 pm
Critical Program Design: Lecture Friday 9:30-11:30 am
Functional Anatomy for the Fitness Professional Friday 5:30-7:30 pm
Core Conditioning: Lecture Saturday 9-11 am
Hormones: The Critical Link: Lecture Saturday 3:30-5 pm
How to Work In: Lecture Sunday 3:30-5 pm


Toronto, Ontario

March 5th through 8th, 2009

Workshop: Mastering Self: Creating Emotional and Mental Freedom ~ Now!
at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel
318 Wllington Street West, Toronto, Canada

“The highest form of spirituality is taking responsibility for your Self.”
~ Paul Chek ~

This is probably the most powerful workshop I’ve ever developed for those wanting an integration of the principles of self-cultivation, communication and mastery. Though you can read more on the PPS web site, feel free to watch this short video overview here:

[flv:MSToronto.flv MSToronto.JPG 580 450]

March 10th to 14th
Paul and Vidya will be seeing clients in Toronto. To schedule your appointment, please contact Vidya; [email protected]

Vista, California

March 21st & 22nd
C.H.E.K Institute, Vista, CA: Scientific Stretching 9-6 pm
The early-bird price of $297 will expire after March 1st, so sign up today and save $100!
ONLY 60 Spots Available!

Copenhagen, Denmark

March 28th
1-Day Seminar: The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need

March 29th


April 3rd
1-Day Seminar: Program Design

April 4th
Scientific Back Training

April 6th & 7th
Paul will be seeing clients in Sweden. If you would like to book an appointment with him while he is there, please contact Gunnila Blomberg: [email protected]


April 17th to 20th
FitPro Spring Convention 09:

  • Keynote: Opening Address: Life Is Movement
  • Scientific Rotational Training (Friday)
  • Swiss Ball Techniques (Saturday)
  • Essential Stages of Human Development for Rehabilitation and Performance (Sunday)



Khijra’s Constellation ~CREATING BODY~MIND~SOUL Harmony~

I’m excited to announce that very soon (in the next few months), I will launch a new monthly Khijra’s Constellation program through PPS Success in which I offer monthly lessons in personal and spiritual transformation.

I’ve decided to develop this constellation because I get many requests for affordable spiritual teachings and many who are in the PPS program express the challenges of spiritual growth alone; when we grow spiritually, we can quickly find ourselves surrounded by many who don’t understand us any more; we change and in that process, those unwilling to grow with us often feel we don’t love them any more and may react in ways challenging to deal with. Through this constellation, it is my dream to cultivate a community of heart-centered people who can nurture each other and share our strengths and weaknesses so we can serve as love and light for others to see, experience and emulate to the degree they are comfortable.

Spiritual development is very important in my life and it is not a passive process. Life is a participation sport. Therefore, I’m interested in knowing which of you would like to play with me and others with the intention of learning to love self and others efficiently and effectively.

Members of this constellation will receive the following each month:

1. An audio lesson and PDF download. Members will study the teaching and the teaching.
2. Monthly coaching call in which I explain the key points of the audio-lesson. Members will be given simple, practical self-development drills, specifically designed to foster body~mind~soul alignment. Members will practice the exercises until the next month’s “sharing” call.
3. Sharing calls will be used as a means of group spiritual cultivation. A section of the PPS web site will be devoted to a member’s only blog posting that can be visited on line while each participant that chooses (we will divide the 2 hour time block by the number of participants or up to 20 member show & tell sessions). I will moderate these sessions, which will be specifically used to share the experiences we’ve had with the monthly spiritual development exercises. This will allow us to offer not only our experiences, but insights and intuitions that may help other members grow more efficiently too!

If you would like to be notified of the launch of this new spiritual growth Khijra’s Constellation program and participate with me in the development of community, please send an email to [email protected] and include the email address you’d like us to use to notify you if it is different than the one you sent it from, and/or you are not already registered with www.ppssuccess.com


A CHEK Practitioner’s Guide to Understanding and Interpreting the How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! Health Appraisal Questionnaires

I’ve just finished recording this 4.2 hour program (with companion ebook transcription) in which I explain the reasons for and indications of each question in the health appraisal questionnaires I put in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! While I produced this as a teaching aid for all CHEK students, I made sure to use common language and I’m sure anyone wanting to improve their health and knowledge of the healing process will find the program of tremendous benefit!

Learn more and grab yourself a copy by clicking here.

Well everybody,

Thanks for joining me and sharing in my life. Again, I apologize for being tardy with my blog releases. To keep my health and well-being intact, I must prioritize my tasks and leave time to do all the things I share here, and I would encourage you to do that same!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek