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  • NO Super Dairy

    NO Super Dairy

    I recently got this notice from my student Mark Johnson who lives in Lincolnshire county UK about the proposed ‘super dairy’ they want to build (& the first of it’s kind in the UK) which would house 8100 cows in […]

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  • Abominable! Recent EU Decision about GM Foods!

    Abominable! Recent EU Decision about GM Foods!

    Hi Everyone, Fantastic news – in just 72 hours 150,000 Europeans have signed the petition to stop GM crops in Europe till the research is done, and now Greenpeace and other allies want to get involved! If we all spread […]

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  • Freezing Cold in Stockholm

    Freezing Cold in Stockholm

    Well, I woke this morning and opened the curtains to see a mother playing with her children in the freezing cold and snow, as you see here. I gave three workshops at the Gymnastics Institute here in Stockholm yesterday and […]

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  • It’s Official – PPS Legacy in UK April

    It’s Official – PPS Legacy in UK April

    Hi Everyone, I am totally excited to share PPS Lesson 1 – How to Find and Live Your Legacy in the UK during Easter Weekend! This course is foundational for all my work including CHEK programs and I am personally […]

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  • January ~ February, 2009

    January ~ February, 2009

    Well, please excuse my tardiness with getting a fresh blog out to share my life with you. I’ve been very busy with my duties at the Institute, which has included traveling to teach, rewriting CHEK Programs, working with PPS students […]

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