March 16, 2010

Abominable! Recent EU Decision about GM Foods!

Hi Everyone,

Fantastic news – in just 72 hours 150,000 Europeans have signed the petition to stop GM crops in Europe till the research is done, and now Greenpeace and other allies want to get involved! If we all spread the word today, we have a great chance of getting to 1 million. Thanks for forwarding the message below to everyone you know – PC

I got this notice this morning from Emma Lane in UK. The European Commission has just approved growing genetically modified crops in the European Union for the first time in 12 years! You know my position about GM foods, not only are they dangerous to humans and animals, they destroy the environment and small farmer’s ability to grow healthy bio-available food.

Caving to the GM lobby, the commission has ignored 60% of Europeans who feel we have to get the facts first before growing foods that could pose a threat to our health and environment.
A new initiative allows 1 million EU citizens to make official legal requests of the European Commission. Let’s build a million voices for a ban on GM foods until the research is done; they will be delivered to the President Barroso of the European Commission. Sign the petition and forward this email to friends and family!