February 8, 2010

Freezing Cold in Stockholm

Well, I woke this morning and opened the curtains to see a mother playing with her children in the freezing cold and snow, as you see here.

Stockholm morning light

I gave three workshops at the Gymnastics Institute here in Stockholm yesterday and all my classes were not only full, there were many in the mezzanine overlooking the gymnasium taking notes.

The Swedes genuinely loved my approach and we sold out of books. In fact, Sweden is the first country to have my book “How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy” translated into their own language, thanks to Eleiko, our Swedish distributor. I am most grateful to Gunnilla and Lennart Blomberg, our Swedish Distributors and owners of Eleiko, and Andreas – marketing manager, who helped make my trip easy for me.

I am very sure this visit marks the beginning of a beautiful journey to becoming a CHEK Practitioner for many. I did an interview with Stockholm’s newspaper after my class and the reporter was somewhat amazed at how simple and logical my approach to health really is and was excited to publish my message so I look forward to sharing that with the Swedish People!

I’m in the taxi now, in route to the airport to begin the long journey home. I must pit-stop for the night in London because my only other options would have made the trip tortuously long, and to be honest, I enjoy traveling about as much as I would enjoy having my panty-line waxed! ha ha!!

Well, bye for now and hopefully it gives you a little comfort knowing there are a few hundred more people out there learning to eat, move and be healthy!
Love and chi,