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  • My IR Sauna Detox Tips & Mike Salemi Training

    I’m Loving life and feeling terrific! I wanted to take some time today to talk about Infrared Saunas, And How They Help You Feel Amazing! Over the last month of having an HealthMate infrared sauna in our home has been […]

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  • Your 3 Choices (Pt. 2) – Effective Use Of Mind

    Happy Wednesday! I had a lovely day off yesterday. I did some reading and went for a long meditation hike in the hills. My morning was occupied by the arrival of my new infrared sauna. Very exciting! Penny, Vidya and […]

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  • Balancing Your Emotions and Mind (Pt.2 The Basics)

    Happy Tuesday from Heaven! I hope your day is beautiful wherever you are! I had a lovely day of catch-up yesterday after a very busy week seeing clients, and had a good time coaching as well. I got into the […]

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  • Balancing Mind and Emotions (Pt. 1)

    Happy Monday to You! I hope your weekend was restful and fulfilling. I had a fantastic, but busy week and weekend coaching clients and attending business meetings. My work continued with Jason over three days; I posted some photos on […]

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  • What is Balance? (Pt. 2)

    Happy Tuesday To You! And I hope the day is as beautiful for you as it is for me right now as I sit looking out my window, watching clouds evaporate into sky under the influence of Father Sun. I […]

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  • Fear or Healing?

    Fear or Healing?

    Happy Thursday to You! We are getting lots of rain here and it’s coming through my roof, watering the plants on my meeting table downstairs! Oh well, I guess everything leaks eventually! I had a lovely deadlifting session yesterday. I […]

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