November 12, 2012

1-2-3-4 & Australian Trip Completion

Happy Monday to You!

What a great Australian tour this has been!

I’ve had the great joy of sharing as much of my life experiences and wisdom with my students as possible at every course and workshop.

The students in Australia are second to none. They are open, willing to grow and they participate fully. What a joy for a teacher to have such students!

Here you can see me taking my 1-2-3-4 students on a Stork Walk Sunday morning outside where all the locals can see and learn how to be healthy. The students all loved their Stork Walk experiences throughout the tour.

Many people come to my courses to heal from deep challenges in their lives. Some loose sight of all the beauty in their lives and all around them. To help my students remember why they choose to stay alive and participate in life, I took them through a yoga exercise called “The Death Breath”.

To do this exercise, you take a deep breath and hold it as long as you possibly can. As you run low on air, you are asked to consciously connect to all the reasons you “choose” to keep breathing. After a few tries at it, you then write down what it is that you choose to keep breathing for.

Notice Josh Carr (he’s 10) in the group. When everyone shared the reasons they choose to keep breathing, Josh blew us all away with his amazing, lucid answer. He certainly put a spark under anyone that was sad sacking!

Mandala Sharing

As part of our class exercises, I had each student do a mandala to express their transition from who they were when they started class to who they choose to be now that they have a holistic living philosophy. Mandala means wheel or vortex.

Mandalas are art pieces drawn within a circle; the circle represents wholeness in life. Here are some great shots of our sharing process.

You can see some of Donal Carr’s amazing art hanging on the wall behind us.

Cam did a beautiful mandala of the tai-chi fish. Cam’s art has really blossomed over the years we have been working together and it’s been great to see.

Cathy Carr is an amazing artist! Here you can see Cathy explaining that at the beginning of the class, she was tired and her flower-being was drooping.

Now that she’s clear on how to cultivate more self-time in her life, she’s blossoming.

Edwinais a beautiful Aboriginal woman who works directly with HLC 1 Instructor Jo Rushton. Eddie (that’s what I called her) did some deep healing in the workshop and we were all blessed to be a participant witness.

Eddie was flooded with tears as she shared her mandala and we were all moved by her sincere emotions and growth.

Thank you for being so beautiful Eddie! Thank you Jo for guiding this most amazing soul.

Ishan is an amazing Muslim man who grew a lot in his living philosophy during the workshop. Ishan’s mandala shows that when he came to the workshop, he thought for sure God was going to burn him in hell.

So sure in fact, that he admitted to having tested putting flame to his body to see if he could withstand the wrath of God’s judgments of him!

He shared that after studying my teachings and building his own living philosophy, that he feels safe with God and knows now that God is Unconditional Love and would never burn anyone in hell; after all, if God is God, then we are all expressions of God and therefore, God would be burning God in hell!

Does that make any sense at all, or does it leave you wondering who’s idea was labeled as “God’s”?

Tiffany is one of Vidya’s clients and an HLC 2 Practitioner. Tiffany did a lot of beautiful healing and is sharing her beautiful mandala here. Thank you Tiffany for becoming more of who you truly are.

Shana shared her mandala and her transformation. She made a transition from the darkness within herself to expressing light, and lightness of being right before our eyes and we all loved witnessing her growth.

Kate is an HLC2 and just came alive through her mandala process!

Another Kate in the class showed her transformation through her mandala.

Rachel who is a recent graduate of HLC2 made a lot of growth in the class. Here you can see her sharing her mandala.

We had two Rachel’s in class. Rachel also transformed right before my eyes.

T also made huge strides in self acceptance.

Vidya drew an incredible mandala to symbolize her experience helping me facilitate the 1-2-3-4 workshop. She created it in what seemed like only a few minutes and we all loved seeing it.

Thanks for all your love and support of myself and the students on this trip Vidya!

Vidya will stay in Australia with the Carr family for another week to rest and enjoy some time without having to work each day. I hope you have lots of fun with some unbound play!

Donal was busy with clients and taking care of his boys during some parts of the class but came in to share in the mandala process.

The theme of the mandala was the before and after of how we were living the 4 Doctors. Donal’s mandala shows a beautiful face split by the falling water.

This symbolizes that he has been living the 4 Doctor philosophy fully, therefore there isn’t much change from one side of the fact to the other. This is where we can all choose to be. I’m very proud of Donal Carr’s commitment to the CHEK teachings, his family, his friends and his students.

Donal trained many of the students that attended all our courses and his students are definitely some of the best-prepared students I’ve ever come across. Great job Donal! You are my true brother.

Josh Carr is 10, and certainly the youngest 1-2-3-4 student I’ve ever had in class. He and his brother Ryan are both great artists like their parents. Here you can see Josh Carr working on his mandala next to his mother.

Josh blew Vidya and I away with his art work. While we were at the Macquire Resort for HLC 2, Josh drew a piece of art that was so good I’d have been proud of myself if I’d have drawn it.

It is such a blessing for me to see Cathy and Donal’s children growing and blossoming as they nurture each of their many special talents with open wonder.

Becky was so authentic and real. Becky was a “lightening storm”, bringing levity and lightness to all of us in the class. Becky is a Naturopathic physician and a recent HLC 2 graduate.

She’s so open, honest, and blessed with an amazing quick wit and sense of humor. He love is so soft and open that I just wanted to hug her every day. We all really enjoyed your beautiful presence Becky!

Edwin gave me a beautiful piece of original Aboriginal art as a thank you for sharing my teachings with her. I’m very sensitive to subtle energies and the energy coming from this piece of art was so powerful that before I could even open the package, tears came rolling from my eyes.

It was as though I was feeling the pain of the Aboriginal people. This art piece was apparently created by one of the young men that Eddie worked with in the juvenile justice system.

Maybe Great Spirit guided this young man right to where he needed to be to realize his talents! I’m very grateful for this piece of art and the chance to work with Eddie.

I hope to come back to Sydney and work with Eddie to teach my 4 Doctor system to as many of the Aboriginal people as I can.

I love the Aboriginal people and their culture and am excited to help them find their roots again. I feel Aboriginal blood pulsing through my veins.

I told Eddie that every freckle on my body represents one of my Aboriginal ancestors and I know in some special way, that is true ;-D

Here are some more photos of our celebration:

Mike and Nick got so much too! Thanks for being brave enough to grow in the class.

And, finally here is our amazing PPS 1234 Course Participants!

Well, that brings you all up to date on my amazing Australian tour from 2012!

I can’t thank Donal, Cathy, Rhonda (Cathy’s sister who does a lot of the admin) at Place of Chi, Vidya, my wife Penny and the CHEK staff at home, and all the students enough.

I feel blessed to have been here in Australia to meet and share with so many amazing people.

I know my next trip here will be exciting and special and I can’t wait to see how tall Josh and Ryan are! I can’t wait to sing and dance with them either!

I’m off to the airport to fly home to my beautiful wife Penny and my home loves.

I will share some Tao-Te-zen lessons with you while I’m resting.

May you all choose to live and love fully. If you are having a hard time doing that naturally, why not try the death breath exercise ☺.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek