November 8, 2012

Unconditional Love

Happy Day to You!

I had a great day teaching my 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease workshop yesterday. My students are great and willing to healing and grow, which always makes my work more fun.

Our day focused around understanding the nature of Love.

We spent some quality time understanding the nature of Unconditional Love (UCL).

I explained UCL from the religious, metaphysical, and quantum physics perspective so those with either left or right brain dominance could understand what it is and how it functions in our lives.

As my drawing suggests above, UCL is and Eternal Well-Spring of Pure Potential. We access that potential unconsciously by being alive and participating in life. We access UCL either unconsciously or consciously with our thoughts.

When we “think”, we “create”.

To experience UCL, we must create conditions to experience it by. UCL is Pure Potential and thought (movement) expresses the Potential such that it Perfectly reflects your thoughts, words and deeds.

In review of the kinds of thoughts and situations that my students have challenges with in their lives, I was able to show them very clearly that the majority of the inner-challenges come from living in a culture underpinned by Christian values Memes (ideas).

Having worked through what UCL is, it became clear to them that most of their pain comes from childhood programming.

I showed them all that if GOD is GOD, then there can be no person, church, or any such thing between them and GOD.

I explained that since GOD means ALL, such concepts as sin, burning in hell, and commandments of any type are man made stories and most of the Bible stories are completely misunderstood, even by those that teach them.

I explained that nothing is truer than what you choose to believe. For example, most of us once believed in Santa Claus, but when given objective evidence that Santa isn’t real, most of us upgraded out software to match our new-found reality.

Since GOD is UCL, and is obviously willing to support ANY choice or action (as clearly evidenced by world history and the news each day!), why not create a healthy relationship with GOD that serves your dream and/or your highest good?

I explained that if they are having a hard time with their Christian (God) programming, that they have every right to return to Santa Claus, since he was a safer, more loving god that doesn’t burn Himself in hell!

We looked at several functional ways to clearly evaluate our thoughts relative to our stated dream, goal or objective. We looked at ways to understand past pains and challenges by looking openly and honestly for the benefits given to us in each experience.

For example, many of us have been through a divorce. Though divorce is often painful and can leave scars on the emotional and mental level, most would admit looking backwards that if they hadn’t been through the pain of divorce, they would not have found a more suitable lover or companion!

I know that if I hadn’t been through a divorce, I wouldn’t have found my wife, Penny. I can assure you, she has made all the pains of divorce a blessing for me and if I’d stuck to the Christian programming around marriage, I’d have created my own hell and exemplified that to my son.

Now my first wife and I both have lovers more suitable to our needs.

I shared that the most important thing we can do when making choices it so consider everyone on our dream-team. If our choices create harmony then we experience harmony.

Another method of making choices that I shared is that before making a choice that may feel challenging based on prior programming or current desires, simply ask, “if everyone in the world made the choice I’m about to make, would the world be a better place?”

If that question is answered honestly, we are likely to make healthy decisions in relationships with persons, places and things.

Make it a great day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek