November 6, 2012


Happiness to You!

I hope you are all experiencing well-being.

My schedule is off with regard to when I get a weekend because I teach on the weekends. Therefore, I took the last two days off to rest from talking and to do some things just for me.

My favorite past time, aside from drawing, is getting out into nature and creating something fun, and hopefully beautiful to inspire creativity in others.

Yesterday, we all had the day off together so we decided to go to the beach and create something unique and fun that would also give us a great workout for the day.

Here we are heading to the beautiful Mona Vale beach where Donal and Cathy Carr live.

Donal, Vidya, Cathy and I all enjoy lifting heavy stones and creating art as our exercise whenever we can.

Today we wanted to create a big heart shape out of the local beach stones so we could lay on it and relax as the tide came in.

It took us all 55 minutes to create this heart shape out of stones. It was a great work tolerance training session. We did some chanting together before we began to harmonize with each other.

I find that toning, chanting or singing as a group significantly improves the ease and efficiency with which any group creates together.

In my experience, people who are not willing to try new ways of creating harmony and joy together are typically unwilling to explore new ideas.

On a team, such closed-mindedness almost always causes problems and often leads to the same mistakes being made over and over.

When I harmonize with my groups while teaching, things seem to flow effortlessly and creation emerges naturally together.

Cathy Carr is a beautiful, vibrant woman at 46. Teaching Yoga is her true love and she is a great living example for her students. Here you can see how beautiful she is as she expresses her joy in the middle of our creation.

Don’t be fooled by the laid-back mode of self-expression when it comes to Donal Carr! This guy has more talents than I can count, and he’s as strong as a bull. Donal is an amazing artist, chef, teacher, coach, therapist, father, and much more. We always have amazing experiences together and insightful, deep, meaningful conversations too.

Here you can see Vidya celebrating our day and the completion of our heart of stone together.


Vidya LOVES Australia and her joy of the country and the people comes out whenever she gets to get outdoors or mingle among the locals. Vidya loves to study cultural history and getting a chance to learn more about the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Being very sensitive to subtle energies, Vidya and I are often amazed by the deep, natural spiritual energies of the land here. We both love the Aboriginal people’s philosophy of life, which includes a deep reverence for Mother Earth and the sacredness of the land that feeds us and gives us life.

Here you can see me expressing my joy as I do the Stork Walk tai-chi exercise on the stone heart. If you have the ability to see nature (stone) spirits, you can click on the image above and it will expand in your browser. Take a look at the rock wall behind me ☺.

This is how I relax and celebrate a day off whenever I can. It’s such a joy to see how many people will come whenever I’m creating in nature out of love for life and nature.

Very frequently people come and take photos, ask questions, and often they will begin trying to build something out of stone or natural elements right next to me or my groups.

The impulse to create beauty is deeply woven into our psyche and is a natural part of our history. Whenever we create out of love, without binding ourselves to a predetermined outcome, we are experiencing unbound play.

Unbound play is the natural state of the child within each of us. When we allow ourselves to return to the natural state of the child, we learn without pressure, deadlines, or objectives that the ego can measure itself by.

This is very important to realize if you want to be healthy or have healthy children.

As soon as we start rating, grading, evaluating or measuring ourselves or our children in such a way that their sense of value and/worth is determined by the performance of another, we create “specialness”.

As soon as we have to do something unnatural to us to become “special”!to feel loved, we open the door to a lifetime of pain and disappointment. We act in ways that are unnatural to conform.

We take jobs that are distant from our loves and natural talents to make money, and forget how to live or even who we are in the process.

Sooner rather than later, we are caught in a matrix of social programming and all we do is work to pay the bills generated by living in authentically, living poorly.

Many young people today struggle to find meaning in their life. Instead of becoming self-motivated creators, they become rebellious robots seeking to create freedom the only way they know how. This is usually by breaking all the rules that have been imposed upon them.

I suggest we start teaching our kids without all the grading, measuring, and making special and celebrate their natural talents and teach them to learn what is necessary to learn so they can succeed at making a living by expressing themselves naturally and authentically.

I know that whenever I allow myself to express myself naturally and authentically, I feel better, think better, perform better in my chosen work, and have more love in me to share with others.

I encourage all of you to carefully evaluate what you are putting your life-force into each day.

Remember, being successful doesn’t equate to being happy under the influence of the western, capitalist cultural ideology. When you are living your love, you are far more likely to experience success with happiness, and that is truly living.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

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