July 19, 2012


Happy Thursday to You!

CHEK Level 4 is progressing beautifully.

Here you can see me with my students. From the left in front is Jator from San Francisco. Behind Jator is Scott from London. In front of me is Hanna from Copenhagen. To Hanna’s left is Phil from London, and to Phil’s left is Andrew from Atlanta. Behind Andrew is Christian and Amelia, who are both from London.

Behind the group you can see one of the mandalas we created to express our connection to the Universal Principle that teaches that all emanates from Unconditional Love. We’ve been reviewing Arnold Patent’s Universal Principles each day.

I’ve asked the students to study the Universal Principles and rewrite them in their own words so they can state them aloud each day.

This practice facilitates embodiment of the principles because our voice vibrations are much stronger for imprinting our water and memory systems than reading in the mind alone.

We tend to work out together at lunchtime.

I felt so good after my deadlift session yesterday, my inner-self felt ready for a heavy session. I haven’t gone heavy since leaving on my last trip because I didn’t have the energy to stress my neuro-hormonal axis that heavily when dealing with the level of travel stress I experienced.

Now that I’ve been home long enough to catch up on sleep, my body is coming alive and I’m feeling more like my normal self again.

I warmed up progressively until I reached 405 Lbs. on the bar. Here you can see me taking some deep breaths and meditating on how light the bar is.

Here I am starting my deadlift off the step box; the step box is much harder because of the lower bar position. I prefer this method because it offers me the exact kind of strength in the bottom position I need for lifting heavy rocks in my garden.

The other day, unfortunately (for me!), I was in a rush to get to a meeting and needed some down time before hand and ended up smashing my right middle finger quite badly in my rock garden.

I always warn my students when in the rock garden to never be in a rush or you will leave blood here! Well, I got to provide evidence of that. At least the blood is good for the soil.

I’ve had to be careful deadlifting because the pressure on my hands is so great that blood will shoot out the tip of my injured finger when I lift. Probably looks pretty cool to a witness if they are into hard core lifting!

I managed to comfortably get three sets of 2 at 405 and one set of 2 at 365 with the limited time I have for lunchtime training. My body felt great and the hormones surged through me making me feel young again!

I’m feeling good enough lately that I could get back up to 5 plates aside fairly quickly if I can find the time to be in the gym enough to get to that level of strength.

I’m not fussed about it at all these days. It’s more important for me to be healthy than strong but I like feeling that I have the resources to go heavy if I like to. I’m happy I’m able to life decent weights with a body weight of about 168 pounds.

I coupled my deadlifts with high cable rows. I didn’t have time to do any specific core training. Once you get to 4 RM or greater intensity, your core is working so hard there’s no real need for additional training anyway unless you have a specific corrective objective.

Here you can see me teaching my students how to use their voices as healing instruments. I’m teaching them how to access each tissue and chakra of their body by using different sounds and tones at different octave levels. They all did very well with this method.

I teach them this method so they are never dependent upon tools and can help themselves and others anywhere they are.



Yesterday I introduced my students to drumming as a healing practice. This is our drum circle.

My buddy Ryan Hughes (retired Super Cross racer turned Motto Cross coach) showed up to visit me and joined us for our drumming session, which was great fun for everyone.

It’s been very hot here in Vista and I’ve been teaching my students about the dangers of synthetic clothing, watches with electric circuits, and jewelry when conducting healing ceremonies.

Here you can see me demonstrating how to wear all natural fibers. It feels magical to free your body of unnatural materials and chaotic electric circuitry.



Here you can see us practicing together. We all expressed our favorite qualities in each season of the year to each other. Then we played the drums to express that season. It was quite magical to do this together.

This is Hanna and Christian doing a great job with their drumming.

Here you can see Andrew making music with his drum. Andrew is a buddy of mine who’s a retired professional racing cyclist. This guy’s a stud athlete and an excellent CHEK Professional. I love any chance I get to share time with him. He’s the true expression of a warrior spirit, as is Ryan Hughes.

It was fun to introduce these two warriors to each other yesterday.

This is Scott getting familiar with his new drum he purchased from the Indian Store just down the road. He got a beautiful deerskin drum and it was nice to see him learning its language. He’s a real lover this guy! Great to have him in class.

My buddy Rorry Mullin arrived last night to spend some time with the students and help teach them energy healing today and tomorrow. We always have a great time together and I’m glad to share him and his wisdom with the students too.


Angie Lustrick was voted “The Ultimate CHEK Professional” at the last CHEK Conference by her peers. She’s a great living example for others and her new business is beautiful.

She’s got a staff of great trainers and a store stocked with all the great foods she likes to have her clients eat. Her staff does comprehensive nutritional assessments and CHEK training as well.

Her new store opens today and Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut will be there to offer his wisdom to the guests. Troy is a great joy in my life and is full of great practical information so don’t miss the chance to hear him speak if you are in the area and can make it.

If you are in Southern California, here are the details to get to Angie’s Grand Opening: Angie’s World AND The Spa at Canyon Crest GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION

Join us on: July 19th 4-7PM


Come and see what’s new to get you healthy and “renewed!”

5225 Canyon Crest Dr. #18D, Riverside, CA 92507, (951) 683-0448

Well, that’s what’s up in my world.

I hope you all have a beautiful productive day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek