August 17, 2015

How Dreams and Goals Work + Last Week’s Highlights

Happy Monday from Toronto.

Angie finished teaching HLC 1 yesterday, and Penny and I finished our work at Can Fit Pro.

We had great students and all our classes went great too.

It was fun, as it always is in Toronto. I had a great time catching up with the local Chek and HLC Practitioners at our booth in the trade show, and at my classes and workshops.

I’d like to share a special thanks to:

– Rory Mullen, and his parents (Margo and Bob) for their support with food and transport. We are always amazed with Margo’s food!

– Debra at Goodie Goodies for supporting us, and our students with amazing, organic food! The rabbit stew was excellent by the way!!

Carl Weston and Urban Wellness for supporting us with a beautiful space to run HLC 1 with Angie and all our other CHEK Institute courses in Toronto!

It was great to see you and your beautiful dog, Benson again!

Phil Delaire for his help organizing many items, for transporting us to and from my events, and for being there for the students when they need help with questions, or their bodies.

Phil is a Chek Level 4 Practitioner in Toronto, and I often refer clients to Phil when we need help in Toronto. If you want help getting healthy or achieving your dreams and Toronto is close to you, feel free to contact Phil at: [email protected]

You can also visit Rory and Phil’s web site at: level 4 wellness

– Jonny Giroux for helping get us from place to place and for getting Angie back to us after her class, and for helping at the CHEK booth too.

– Tamas Acs, Mike Rueter, Carl Weston, I’d like to extend an additional “Thank You!” for your help at the CHEK Institute booth in the trade show, and for being a great “living example” of the CHEK Approach to living!

It was great for me to see you all at the booth helping people and being there to share your authentic knowledge of life.

In my vlog today, I’ll share some practical concepts to help you understand how dreams work to organize energy and information when coupled with effective goal setting.

Then I’ll share some highlights from my sessions at Can Fit Pro, as well as highlights from CHEK Institute Advanced Training Programs.

How Dreams and Goals Work

Today, my video presentation gives you an overview of how your dream or dreams serve as “attractors.”

I explain the polarity between the subjective DESIRE (to experience your dream), and the objective experience and evidence of your dream being created, and I give examples of building a new home, and the dream of being a mother or father.

In my presentation, I highlight that whenever we are creating (which is any time we are choosing anything), we are given the opportunity to act totally from pre-conditioning or “habit”, or to infuse imagination and creativity into the mix with the dream of producing something novel, unique of and for ourselves.

I explain that archetypes, as defined by Carl Jung, are empty forms; they represent the potential of any expressive form within the context of that form or idea; all mothers share the same contextual experience, and therefore, the Mother Archetype.

An archetype can be thought of as the thought-form containing the intangible/subtle energy and information defined by the overarching context of the archetype.

Every warrior (of any type) expresses the contextual/archetypal Potential of the Warrior Archetype when their body-mind is emotionally charged or stimulated by the desire to act as a warrior.

Once we are inspired or motivated “with a dream, goal, objective,” we will act from habits, that represent our programming and experiences as they apply to any aspect of our intention (memory).

Within the archetype of our dream, we have the ability to be creative through imagination; we can take any ideas we already have and reshape them, as well as using ideas from other contexts (or archetypes; warriors also build houses).

Through creatively inspired intuition, we can gain access to the invisible wisdom and connections embodied by any given archetype; the warrior can intuitively access the collective wisdom of All Warriors.

If you look at my blackboard diagram above, you can see that there is a circuit being created. “P” stands for POTENTIAL, representing the source from which ALL energy and information is ultimately expressed in and as MIND.

Mind is expressed as the movement of energy and information from POTENTIAL into embodied actuality or life.

Our own dreams and goals are expressions of our individual (ego) mind, which is akin to a neuron within the cosmic mind/brain (MIND). Philosophers like Plotinus, ancient alchemists, and other meta-physicians, also refer to the cosmic mind as LOGOS in antiquity.

Some alchemists referred to MIND as the LOGOS-CUTTER because the nature of mind in and as thought is to “cut out” everything but what you are thinking about.

Because MIND contains ALL transfer of energy and information, without the principle of exclusion – cutting out, there could be no distinction between this and that, no subject-object relationship through which energy and information can be transferred.

The act of our individual selection of what we want to think about is synonymous with our intention. Thus, it is the individual ego-mind that desires, thinks, and has the intention to engage in the process of creating.

Through our choices, we each desire and attract similar, and unique information from the archetype we are activated by, and one whose intuition is intact has access to all the wisdom within the archetype they are “in circuit with”:

The Steering Wheel

We are all “steering our dreams” either consciously, or unconsciously.

The left hand on the wheel represents acting out of habit/memory, which the right hand on the wheel represents our potential to infuse imagination and intuition for novel creativity within the archetype(s) we are expressing.

Pain, challenges, and successes “tune us” to our archetype.

When we are successful, we follow that mode of expressing energy and information.

When we are unsuccessful, some form of discomfort or pain is created, acting as a means of “enhanced awareness” that we are off course, or out of tune with the guiding archetype(s).

Often we need to be more careful about being clear with our intention(s).

This is because the word “intention” literally mans to put POTENTIAL into tension – to move out of POTENTIAL into the flow of MIND and into our ego-mind.

If we don’t like what we are creating, it often indicates that we may be too diffuse with our intention, or unconscious of some of our intentions; we may think we are doing what we are doing to “help people”, but our unconscious intention may to “get attention”, “feel worthy”, or “get rich”…

The pain and challenges we face in the creation of any dream represent a process through which love becomes more aware of itself in and as consciousness.

As we act more and more from love and clear intention, we reach a point where regardless of the challenge, we know we have access to a wealth of information in the form of history (habit/memory), creative opportunity, and the wisdom contained within our archetype through intuition.

As one matures in the use of their intuition, they generally find the creative process much less stressful because they know they always have access to archetypal guidance.

Goals are staged, often sequenced “mini-goals or dreams”, and they help organize the flow of energy and information in and as the process of dream weaving.

The closing tips I share are printed on the black board in the image above.

For help creating your dreams effectively, I recommend the following resources:

PPS Lesson 1 – Determining Your Legacy – online learning
PPS Lesson 2 – Managing Yourself – online learning
PPS Lesson 3 – Goal Setting – online learning

CanFit Pro Highlights

Thursday I taught a full day workshop: An Integrative Approach to Stretching to a great group of attentive students.

Thu - Stretch 1


Thu - Stretch 2

I had the great privilege of reconnecting with many of my HLC, Exercise Coach and CHEK Practitioner students who also attended my sold out workshops and lectures.

Fri - Nutrition

Sun - 4 Doctors 2

Thank you to all of you who continue to support my work worldwide!

CHEK Course Completions

I couldn’t do the work I do without a fabulous team of CHEK Instructors and Faculty teaching worldwide. Please help me congratulate all of our students for completing the following levels of CHEK Courses.

CP2 – Lancashire, UK with Matt Wallden


Thank you Matt for all you do and are teaching our advanced courses and for all the students who just completed CP2! Well done!

I’m looking forward to your visit later this week and next Matt when you are here to teach CP3.

Exercise Coach – Fort Lauderdale, FL with Dan Hellman

EC_Fort Lauderdale_080515 copyDan Hellman is an exemplary CHEK Professional in every sense of the word. Thank you Dan for your continued expertise and skill as an Instructor.

Please help me welcome our newest Exercise Coaches!

Exercise Coach – Toronto with Tomi Toles


It was great to meet Tomi Toles’ CHEK Exercise Coach students while I was at CanFit Pro.

Tomi was teaching in Toronto at the same time Angie and I were, so they all came to visit me after my lectures ended Friday evening.

The students were lovely, vital people and I feel blessed to have them as members of the CHEK Institute team. Great to see you all!


HLC1 – Toronto with Angie Lustrick


As usual, Angie did her magic to enthuse and ground all our newest HLC1 Coaches in our 4 Doctor Living Philosophy. Great job Angie!

Congratulations to all the students for taking steps to be a living example of health and wellness!

If you are inspired to take the next step to becoming a CHEK Professional, then you may be interested in The CHEK Academy, which delivers the highest standard of training, ensuring that each of its students receives constant support on their professional development.

We are currently accepting applications here: CHEK Academy Elite Global Training. Please join us!

Thanks for joining me today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek