August 10, 2015

Animal Wise Stress Reduction

Happy Monday from Toronto

We had a smooth flight in yesterday and I got a good 30 minutes of tai-chi in at the San Diego airport while we waited for the plane.

I’ll be giving a series of workshops and lectures here at the Can Fit Pro Fitness Convention Expo.

I start with a pre-conference workshop Thursday, titled, “The Art and Science of Stretching”, and then begin my shorter 2-hour sessions starting Friday and through Sunday.

If any of you attend, I’ll look forward to connecting with you in one of my sessions or in transit throughout the day.

By the way, you can sign up for any of my workshops of lectures on site the day of the presentations if you decide you’d like to drop in at the last minute.

Today, I’ll be sharing my video blog, and a short write-up of it’s contents, as well as Cathy Carr’s first mandala with acrylic paint.; and CHEK Course Completions

Animal Wise Stress Reduction

To increase our chances of survival in life, nature has endowed us with billions of years of wisdom.

Animal Wise Stress Reduction Blk Bd

Countless studies of comparative anatomy, comparative physiology, embryology, genetics, and other forms of investigation have demonstrated that the lessons of each creature are passed on to the offspring.

Neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean was famous for his research on human brain development and his explanation of the triune mind; the tri-structure of the human brain, with the reptilian system as the base, the mammalian system as an outgrowth, and the complex neocortical system of primates and human beings as the most recent development.

Current researchers are suggesting that the pre-frontal cortex may be “the 4th brain”, offering important characteristics to our perception and cognitive processing that are just now becoming better understood.

My vlog today is a simple, practical tour through the basics of our brain structure, highlighting the key survival instincts we have available to us, and the importance of understanding how to listen to our bodies to gain that inner-wisdom.

I finish my presentation with a few practical tips that can help anyone have a less stressful life when applied.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.


1. How To Eat Move and Be Healthy! – Book
2. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – multimedia ebook
3. The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction Obesity & Disease – MPP3 Audio Workshop Program

Cathy Carr’s Recent Mandala

Cathy Carr Mandala acrylic
I’ve shared Cathy and Donal Carr’s amazing art many times on my blogs over the years. Cathy has created cards you can order from some of her amazing mandalas, and she just shared the one above with me today.

This is Cathy’s first mandala with acrylic paint!

Painting mandalas is not a new adventure for Cathy. But as you can see, she is bursting with talent right out of the gate on canvas!

I love this one. It makes me feel like I’m looking into the second chakra of the Milky Way.

What an awesome expression of feminine energy, yet with an abundance of masculine energy balanced within.

Thanks for sharing Cathy!

If you would like to learn more about getting cards, or taking one of Cathy’s mandala making classes, you can email her at: [email protected]

CHEK Course Completions

Our First CHEK Tennis Conditioning Course with Leigh Brandon – San Diego


We’ve been waiting to offer this excellent course developed by CHEK Practitioner and Faculty Leigh Brandon and myself. I am delighted to welcome these graduates – Tennis anyone!

Please head over to visit the C.H.E.K Institute Blog to view the latest vlogs with CHEK Mentor Warren Williams and CHEK Faculty Jennie Delbridge.

Love and chi from Toronto!

Paul Chek