July 14, 2015

Your Living Philosophy Is?

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all living, loving, learning and growing each day.

In my blog today, I will share:

1. Your Philosophy Is?

My video blog today looks into the importance of identifying what your living philosophy is and why that is relevant to living the life you want.

2. CHEK Institute course completions and highlights.

3. Mike Salemi getting ready to collect another Russian Kettlebell Masters.

4. Gabby Reese and Laird Hamilton in the raw!

5. Show-n-tell with Paul.

Your Living Philosophy Is?

We live in a world with rising rates of chronic disease in both adults and children. In some states in the US, obesity rates among children have reached 40% of the population, while many other chronic diseases such as Type II Diabetes continue to skyrocket.

The fact that the grand majority of all diseases are directly linked to diet and lifestyle factors is well known, even among traditional medical professionals, yet the approach taken by most continues to be one of drugs…looking for the magic bullet…

My blog today is inspired by my awareness that in many regards, we are now at a planetary tipping point; if we keep consuming natural resources and polluting the planet the way we are, big trouble is inevitable.

The problems of disease, and the challenges we face globally are all stated or unstated expressions of our individual and collective living philosophy.

I begin my vblog today by explaining what philosophy is; the love of wisdom.

Your Philosophy Is? Blk Bd
I progress by sharing the connection between wisdom, knowledge and experience. I highlight that knowledge comes in two primary forms:

1. Theoretical, and

2. Practical

I share that reality is what’s happening now.

I take a little side-step here to make the point that habitual thoughts lead to consequences in action (choices).

I remind everyone of the wise words of Arnold Patent (see Arnold Patent’s Universal Principles at: www.arnoldpatent.com/universalprinciples ), who informs us that if we don’t like what’s happening in our life and don’t think we created it, we should look carefully at what we are choosing unconsciously.

I also share Edward F. Edinger’s definition of consciousness:

“Consciousness is a psychic substance which is produced by the experience of opposites suffered not blindly, but in living awareness.”

Ref. Edinger, E.F. (1984). The Creation Of Consciousness – Jung’s Myth for Modern Man. Inner City Books. (p.32)

I highlight the all-encompassing nature of my 4 Doctor Living Philosophy and how it relates to Jung’s consciousness compass so we can all appreciate that awareness is the key to developing higher levels of consciousness.

Though many have dogmatic beliefs about how they should live, the fact that our world population at large is highly diseased is an indication that the truth of their living philosophy is that it hurts!

I make the point that your living philosophy is your system of ideas, beliefs, and the principles you use to engage reality and the nature of your life in general.

I close my vlog presentation today by sharing the five tips listed in the black board photo above and suggest the resources you will find below.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today. I think its important for us all to be clear that being unconscious of what you are choosing is being unconscious of what you are creating.

When we have a world population that is heavily drugged, and sick at large, then it is certainly high time that we all become more aware of what we are choosing.

After all, culture is made up of a bunch of individuals all doing the same things!

1. The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease – audio/workbook program.

2. PPS Success Mastery program Lessons 1-12

3. How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy – book by Paul Chek

4. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! – multimedia ebook by Paul Chek

CHEK Institute Course Completions And Highlights

Congratulations to our newest HLC1 Coaches!

HLC1 Winter Gardens Florida – Jator Pierre


Jator Pierre just completed another great HLC1 Course. I’m sure his students got a chance to really evaluate “their own living philosophy”, and ask their questions to a living master.

HLC1 New Zealand – Jo Rushton


Thanks for doing a great job as always Jo, and thank you to all of you students for joining the CHEK Institute as a healing force in the world.

Mike Salemi Getting Ready to Collect Another Russian Kettlebell Masters

Mike Salemi KB Clean
Mike Salemi is my star Russian Kettlebell athlete.

We have been working together for two and a half years now, and have helped Mike heal from injuries that were previously stopping him from competing, and have rebuilt his entire lifting style and living philosophy.

Mike asked me to train him to get his Russian Masters qualification in the grueling 40 Kg class, which requires that he perform 27 clean-n-jerks with a pair of 40 Kg kettlebells without ever letting them touch the ground!

Now, for those of you that are not familiar with how heavy even one 40 Kg kettlebell is, or how hard it is to clean-n-jerk even one let alone two at a time.

Trust me when I tell you that to meet the requirement of 27 (judged) clean-n-jerks in 5:00 without letting the kettlebells touch the ground requires that you have muscles in your shit!

Mike is tied with my client Jason for being the best, most dedicated students and clients I’ve ever coached one-on-one.

Mike has such a mastery of kettlebell lifting, 4 Doctor living, and coaching that I asked Mike to partner with me to create our new, upcoming CHEK Institute Kettlebell Advanced Training program.

To be notified of the release of this new, exciting program and my new “Athlete Management” program, please put yourself on the CHEK Institute mailing list (email Nick at Customer Service: [email protected]).

Mike and I are now 4 weeks out from competition date so we just had our monthly meeting and “Chek up” Saturday.

During my evaluation of Mike, he shattered a previous best in the jerk by 12 reps, and his numbers in all lifts show he’s right on track to achieve his next Russian Masters.

Mike and I are excited because if he gets his Russian Masters in the 40 Kg class, he will be the first and only North American to do so to date! We love that!

My approach to athlete training is truly holistic. I coach my athletes on all aspects of their personal, professional, and spiritual lives, and teach them a wide variety of methods for managing stress and cultivating their creativity.

Mike Selemi 7-11-15 artHere you can see the beautiful acrylic painting Mike created after we finished our coaching session. I just recently introduced Mike to acrylic painting and he not only loved it, he’s really good at it!…no surprise there…

Thanks for being the true Master that you are Mike!

I’m grateful I can participate in your life and you are certainly an inspiration to me, and many others too!

Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reese In The RAW!

Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reese have been friends and clients of mine for quite some time. They live a very healthy lifestyle, keep super fit, and share that lifestyle with their children.

Below is a link to a cool ESPN interview with Laird and Gabby (its just a few minutes) about them and their photo shoot for the ESPN Body issue.

I have always loved how down-to-earth Laird and Gabby are and you can really get a sense of their personalities and the grounded nature of their relationship with each other in the video clip below:


Show-N-Tell With Paul

Monday was my scheduled day off from training, but I had the need to move my body and express myself physically and artistically as a means of stress reduction, so outside I went.

As you can imagine, I have a lot on my plate most days and sometimes, I need to get outside to be with nature to decompress my psyche.

I was on a time budget Monday, so I brought my wind-up cooking timer and set it for 30:00 and wanted to see what I could create in that time period.

Paul Stone workout 7-13-15

The stack you see behind me is what I created and the timer rang just as I was putting up the capstone, so it all worked out beautifully!

I love training without shoes on so my feet and body regain their natural motor functions. I feel MUCH better after training outside with bare feet.

Today was a bit like some sort of Indian manhood test though because the ground was hot, hot, hot! I breathed through it, and got right into a cold shower, so all good.

Just part of having “unprotected sex with Mother Nature!”

The stack closest to you in the photo is the last one I built when I was out a couple weeks ago. I’m impressed that it is still standing because we had some crazy strong winds, a heavy flash rainstorm, and loads of lightening and thunder since I created it…and she stands firm.

I can always tell how centered I was when I built them by how long they last and what kinds of weather they can handle.

Angie and I love to draw on the black board in the gym when we train.

Spirit Beings PC AL

It keeps us in a creative state of mind, and we get to enjoy seeing how we can each support what the other has created; a very good practice for anyone, particularly those in relationships.

Above, you can see me taking my turn to draw. We typically take turns drawing on the rest periods, and enjoy seeing what we created by “working-In” while we work out.

Tai-chi gym blk bd

Angie and I created this expression of tai-chi while training recently. We both really love the way we feel when we look at it. It is a nice little story called “life.”

We hope you enjoy it and that we can inspire you to express your creativity in the gym, at work, with your lover(s), and in your soul.

Thanks for joining me this week.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and hope to see you at one of the upcoming CHEK Institute Exercise Coach or Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 courses.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek