July 21, 2015

The RED-Yellow-Green of Exercise Pt. 1 of 3

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all doing great and feeling the Spirit of Life dancing within you!

I’ve been as busy as a beaver since my last blog…I went to the IDEA conference this weekend and spent time signing books and meeting lots of lovely people at the CHEK Institute booth, which was great fun.

I’ve got a lot of great stuff to share with you in this blog, which will be a three-part series looking at the essential factors you need to consider when choosing what type of exercise to use, and other related factors everyone needs to know to make exercise work for them.

In this blog I’ll share:

1. The Red-Yellow-Green Of Exercise

2. Highlights from the IDEA Conference

3. Protect The Bees!

4. Conscious Slaughter

5. Honoring Lennart Blomberg, President Of Eleiko Sport

6. CHEK Course Completions

The Red-Yellow-Green of Exercise

In my vlog today, I begin a three-part series that teaches you the essential basics of knowing how to choose the right exercises to get “Dream Affirmative” results, and avoid loosing your health and vitality by doing something that should be good for you…exercise.

RYG of Exercise Blk Bd

I begin by offering resources so you can go deeper into the topic than I can in a short video blog (see resources below).

The Red-Yellow-Green of exercise is a system I developed, and share in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

As you can see in the diagram above, I’ve mocked up my scoring graph, which is the basis of explaining how our global stress levels, and stress levels in key body-mind systems can be calculated so that we have a more objective means of choosing our exercises.

After explaining how the questionnaire systems and scoring systems work, I get into the tai-chi of body systems and explain how this directly relates to your use of, selection of, and results from exercise.

I finish by offering five key tips anyone can use to enhance their well-being in general, and get the most out of their exercise investments:

1. Work-In Criteria are:
– Breathing should never speed above your resting breathing rate.

– Your heart rate shouldn’t speed up beyond your resting heart rate.

– Digestion should be “enhanced” by exercises performed at work-in intensities.

– Your tongue should stay moist for the duration of any work-in exercise activity.

2. Those in the RED zone on my HTEM&BH! scoring graph should select exercises with the following characteristics:

– Pumping exercises.

– Harmonizing exercises; they help harmonize your biological oscillators, which are the brain, heart, and gut.

– Zone exercises as shared in my book HTEM&BH! are specific exercise applications to decrease stress in the relevant systems identified in the health appraisal questionnaires in my book.

Those in the red zone should spend the majority of their time doing the zone exercises that directly address the system(s) under the greatest level of stress – my book shows you exactly what zone exercises to do, and how to do them properly for best results.

3. Stretch and Roll: I explain the importance of using stretching and rolling your body out on a foam roller; this is a useful form of self-massage that can provide a lot of useful information.

4. Dream Awareness: By being “aware” of your mental activity, emotions, and where your body is expressing, and/or holding onto stress, you can use the diagrams in my book HTEM&BH! to more accurately pinpoint the real issues at hand.

There are charts on p. 100-101 that offer key body-mind correlations.

I encourage everyone to be clear on what their dream is as an essential means of filtering dream-affirmative from dream-negative thoughts.

5. Fungal and Parasite Infection!: Here I highlight the importance of identifying and addressing any fungal and/or parasite infections as a means of healing and getting the most from your exercise investments.

Fungal and parasite infections have been found to be a challenge for about 90% of the world population, and these little critters can seriously kick your ass, and should be addressed immediately.

If you’d like to learn more and explore the symptoms common to people with these challenges, you can get my “FREE REPORT” BY going to: https://www.chekinstitute.com/parasites/

I hope you enjoy my video blog today.

1. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – book

2. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia ebook

3. You Are What You Eat! – Audio CDs

4. A CHEK Guide to Understanding and Interpreting the How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! Questionnaires – MP3Audio/PDF

5. Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials – 4 DVD set with manual.

Highlights From The IDEA Conference – Los Angeles

CHEK Institute Instructor Tomi Toles gave two presentations at the IDEA Conference in LA this weekend that were well attended.

Tomi is a fantastic presenter with a wealth of experience and I had several people tell me they really enjoyed his presentations. Thanks for doing a GREAT job Tomi!

I was at the CHEK Institute booth in the trade show for several hours and I signed loads of books and enjoyed many “success stories” from those that had already put my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! and other CHEK Resources to work in their lives.


It was lovely to hear how entire families were transformed by the simple teachings I make available to the public.

It always makes me feel great to know that my life’s work is making a difference in people’s lives.

I ran into Emma Barry, an amazing exercise professional that was one of the key pioneers of the now famous “Body Pump” system of resistance exercise that was born in, and developed in Auckland, New Zealand.

She has now moved to LA and is working for Equinox managing their group exercise functions. She’s an amazing lady and she’s still looking hot after having three children and all the stress that goes with being a working momma.

Great job Emma and lovely to see you!

Much to my surprise, Gabrielle Reese, a long time friend and client of mine (who is Laird Hamilton’s beautiful wife) was at the tradeshow and we got to catch up with each other.

Gabby Reese and Paul IDEA 2015

Gabby is been a world famous athlete (volleyball), model, and health and fitness personality for many years now and she’s still amazingly fit and beautiful too (Go Laird!).

It was lovely to get to hug her again, and see her lovely assistant Jen too. If you want to keep up with Gabby, you can visit her web site at: https://www.gabriellereece.com/

We Must Protect The Bees!

Bee on Violet Flower L Kald
All the way back in the early 1900’s, Rudolph Steiner warned that there are two things that life on earth as we know it is utterly dependent upon…trees and bees!

Steiner warned us then that if we were to remove too many trees, or disrupt the bee population’s ability to do their work as the sex organs of nature, that life would come to an unfortunate, unhappy end!



If Rudolph Steiner, and many of the other wise ones (who understood nature) that have graced us with their presence in the past could see what we are doing to the rainforest, and with deforestation world wide, they would probably be sick to their stomachs!

Rainforest natives
Not only are we unethically and immorally destroying the rainforest, we are displacing the indigenous populations and totally disrupting their ways of living, which are, in general, much more harmonious with nature than ours.

Rainforest destruction Corporate
“How am I involved in this?” you may be asking yourself right now…

One look at the photo above pretty much sums it all up. By constantly supporting corporations such as fast food giants, and Big Pharma (medical drug manufactures) and many other big corporations, we are contributing directly to the death of the rainforest and other forests worldwide.

The oil industry is rapidly destroying nature both with oil drilling, shipping oil by sea, and fracking, which really should be called “torturing Mother Earth!”

For what…another pair of cheap shoes, a meal that isn’t even a meal, but processed, poisonous garbage that ruins children’s and adults lives alike.

I see it every day in my work as a Holistic Health Practitioner and it makes me very sad.

We have major problems with bee populations dying at rapid rates all over the world now. Researchers have found that the use of commercial farming chemicals are a serious contributor to this issue (Acres USA published a great article on this in a past issue).

We are also disrupting the bees through the constant buzz of electronics and lighting; they need to sleep too!

US at night

The NASA photo above shows the US from space at night.

If you look at Robert O. Becker’s book, The Body Electric, he shows that we now have a massive increase in ELM pollution relative to what we had in the year 1900.

Bees are very sensitive to lighting and ELM pollution, as are most all of Mother Nature’s little creatures.

We have become so self-centered that we have, at large, become completely complacent with regard to the fact that our very existence is dependent upon nature.

People today don’t even know where their food comes from, how it was raised, and what is being done to the soils, plants, and animals, all in the name of corporate greed and human ignorance and negligence.

We are at a very serious “tipping-point” in the evolution of man now.

If we don’t start getting together as “the people” and spending our money wisely in support of corporations that are truly “earth friendly”, we will be facing some very scary times sooner than most expect.

If you want a very good, shocking up-to-date expose of what is going on right under your nose, I highly recommend Naomi Klein’s book/audio book titled, “This Changes Everything.

Be ready for a serious “reality check!”

Below you can begin taking affirmative action by signing a petition to stop major corporations from producing products that have been liked to the death of bee populations.

It only takes about 20 seconds, and is a great first step to “making a difference”.

I just took action, urging Ace and True Value Hardware stores to stop selling bee-killing pesticides.

I think you should too:


Bee on Paul's Head
I love the bees. They are my friends and they should be your friends too, since your life and the life of all our children depend on them!

Thanks for taking the time to share some Love with Mother Earth and her beautiful little bees!

Conscious Slaughter

It is lovely to see a video sharing conscious farming (see link below) and respect for animals.


It has always been sad for me to have to “eat nature”, yet the Ouroboros symbolizes the nature of GOD embodied; this is described by the Aboriginal’s as “Eternity physicalized as place.”

Historically, the Ouroboros has the same elementary meaning as the tai-chi symbol – this becoming that – that becoming this…When we are unconscious, we act unconsciously and it is only through experiencing apparent opposites as complementary opposites in living awareness we become conscious enough to understand what love really is.

When I was 15 or 16, I worked in a slaughterhouse skinning wild game to make extra cash, and each animal was an “experience” for me. Even though I was raised on a farm, and my father slaughtered our own animals, it wasn’t ever easy to be part of.

The only way I’ve been able to reconcile the pain in me that comes with eating animals is to be sincere in offering them life within me, and to let them know that they are supporting the rest of the animals by helping humanity become aware through my own life choices and actions.

As I grew in my conscious awareness to develop many meaningful friendships with plants and trees, I had to face the same reality with killing them as with animals, and again, the only way I can reconcile the pain of that is to be sincere in the use of my life-force on their behalf too.

Sadly, at the pace we are going, humanity will probably only open up to the gift they’ve so sadly abused when there is nothing left to eat, but each other….and electronic gadgets….and nothing to drink but toxic waste.

The best thing we can do is live consciously and make that our objective means of loving Mother Nature back for all she gives us in and as embodiment.

What I have learned from life and relationships is that I’m willing to do almost anything for those that inspire me to love them with their love.

Each time I eat, I feel loved, and I feel inspired to regenerate that love by helping others become aware of the incredible love we are offered from Mother Nature, even when we so badly abuse her.

CHEK HLC 1 Instructor, Jator Pierre forward me this beautiful video clip of a woman dealing with the struggles of being conscious at slaughter time, and I think if is worth watching.

It gives me hope that consciousness continues to rise in those who’s hearts are open, and that there are farmers who’s food has been raised with love, and therefore, becomes an offering of love.

I hope you enjoy this short video: https://vimeo.com/118519110

If you would like to learn more about what the CHEK Institute offers in Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 as a means of helping us all become more conscious about how to live in harmony with life and nature, feel free to click this link: https://www.chekinstitute.com/Advanced_Training_Programs/HLC.php

Honoring My Friend Lennart Blomberg

My friend, Lennart Blomberg was owner and President of Eleiko Sport, world famous for their weightlifting equipment until he recently passed away a few weeks ago.

He and his wife Gunnila, and their children are all great friends of Penny, mine and the CHEK Institute for many many years.

Lennart and Gunnila have been big supporters of my work, and out of love and respect for the people of Sweden, published my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! in Swedish.

I dearly loved Lennart. He was a “Chief” of the highest regard. He was wise, honest and loving and spent many an hour addressing real life issues with Lennart in our famous “Chiefs meetings” in the sauna at the Blomberg home in Halmstad, Sweden..

He lived a good life and was an amazing father and husband, not to mention being an excellent businessman.

The news of his death was like having an arrow go through my heart. I was crushed and could only imagine the pain his family experienced.

The entire family are all wise, loving people that understand the life process, so I know they will all have a health grieving process, but a man like this doesn’t come to earth very often.

Shortly after Lennart passed away, I was sitting in my sauna thinking about him and meditating on all the amazing times we had together in the many years Eleiko has supported and sponsored the CHEK Institute.

I asked my soul to give me an image that best encapsulated Lennart so I could paint something as a gift to the Blomberg family as a token of my honor of Lennart. I immediately got a vision of a lighthouse.

LIghthouse PC acrylic
And how appropriate an image for Lennart the lighthouse is. He was a man that could effectively “guide you away from the rocks and unnecessary challenges in life.”

He was very wise, honest, and clear in his words. No fancy talk. Now showing off. Just good solid Swedish wisdom. He has left a great Legacy to be celebrated!

I will send this painting to Gunnila to share with the rest of the Blomberg family as my token of appreciation of this great man, and the great company he made greater, Eleiko Barbell Co.

CHEK Course Completions

I have such deep gratitude for everyone who attends our CHEK Advanced Training program as well as my highly trained Faculty, without you we would not be able to further the CHEK Mission!

Please help me welcome and celebrate our newest graduates:

HLC1 – Oceanside, CA – Angie Lustrick


Exercise Coach  – Sydney AU – Suzi Nevell


CHEK Academy Year 2 USA – Oceanside, CA – Dan Hellman


On Sunday evening, Penny cooked up a wonderful dinner and so we all had a lovely visit together at my home. It was really great to spend time with my friends and celebrate the weaving of our lives together.

Thank you All for your ongoing commitment to being great CHEK Practitioners and Leaders!


Above you see James Phelps (Marketing Director), Tomi Toles, Myself and Angie Lustrick, Dan Hellman, and CHEK Academy Director, Gavin Jennings (Vidya took the pic).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek