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  • Education Vs. Wisdom With Wade Lightheart

    Happy Monday everyone! Education is very important to me. My life is dedicated to spreading and advancing education through the CHEK Institute, the blogs/vlogs I share here and my podcasts. Although education informs your view of the world, that’s only […]

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  • Big Rocks & Tips for Developing Your Dream Team (Pt.3)

    Happy Wednesday to You! Yesterday was very busy for me. I saw a client for most of the day. After that, I had to catch up on a mountain of paperwork!which is still like a dog on my heels to […]

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    Happy Friday! I hope this finds you all happy and well wherever you may be. My day began early. I was up at about 3:30 because my body won’t sleep past about that time every day since being on the […]

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  • HLC 3

    HLC 3

    I’m in the middle of teaching my newly revised HLC 3 so I’ve been busy from rise to fall each day. My students are really a great group, eager to learn my new mapping system for assessment and treatment protocols. […]

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