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  • Practicing What You Preach

    This week, I remind you how important it is for you — especially if you’re a CHEK Professional — to practice what you preach!

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  • What is Holistic Health?

    Good Monday morning to you all! This week’s blog/vlog is a very short one, but it offers a lot for you to consider. One of the most common questions I’m asked in my travels around the world — especially at […]

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  • The Breathing Squat

    Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as abundant and filled with joy as mine. Today, I’d like to share The Breathing Squat with you. Breathing squats are what I call a “zone exercise” in my book How To Eat, […]

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  • Surviving In A Modern World Pt. 1: The Death Force

    Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all in Well-being today. Personally, I’m feeling GREAT today! I had a productive day at work yesterday, and got in a nice pushing circuit workout too. I finished my day with a nice visit […]

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  • HLC 3

    HLC 3

    I’m in the middle of teaching my newly revised HLC 3 so I’ve been busy from rise to fall each day. My students are really a great group, eager to learn my new mapping system for assessment and treatment protocols. […]

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