September 4, 2013

Surviving In A Modern World Pt. 1: The Death Force

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all in Well-being today.

Personally, I’m feeling GREAT today!

I had a productive day at work yesterday, and got in a nice pushing circuit workout too.

I finished my day with a nice visit to my HealthMate IR sauna, which I can’t recommend enough! Amazing for improving sleep quality, recovery speed, detoxification, and more (click the link to learn more and get an amazing offer for your own HealthMate IR sauna).

I’m currently listening to “The Synchronicity Key” by David Wilcock, which is very good and I highly recommend it to all people with open minds!



For those of you interested in some of the current science of mind, and scientific investigations as to how life actually manifests, this program is a great follow-up on David Wilcock’s first book, “The Source Code Investigations”, which is excellent in-and-of itself.

Surviving In A Modern World Pt. 1: The Death Force

Today in my vlog, I begin a mini-series looking into ways we can improve our quality of life in a modern, hectic, toxic world.

In the first video of the series (see below), I explain the principle of tai-chi as it relates to the cultivation of life-force. I show how the death-force is essential for thought, movement, and life itself, but must be effectively counterbalanced by life-force accumulation.

The grand majority of people’s health problems today stem from the fact that the pace and toxicity of modern living accelerates the death-force, leaving people depleted, tired, anxious, and typically addicted to stimulants and overly reliant on medical drugs…

I hope you enjoy the series! Here is Part 1.

In my Part 2 of the series, I share the importance of having a dream, a sense of direction in life, and the importance of having core values that support your unique concept of happiness in your life.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek