October 7, 2021

Practicing What You Preach

Practicing What You PreachHappy Thursday!

Let me paint a picture and see if this sounds familiar…

You go to the doctor for help with a problem, but toward the end of the appointment, that same health professional reminds you to lose a few extra pounds. Yet this doctor could stand to lose a few pounds, and probably A LOT MORE than you do.

What are these health professionals really telling you?

Let’s take this example in a slightly different direction.

What if you’re a CHEK Professional explaining to your client they should be cutting out problem foods in their diets that show up as shiners under their eyes (that’s a sign their liver is backed up), and they recognize it by looking right at you?

I bet you they’re going to ask you some pretty pointed questions, and I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

Believe me, thousands of people have asked me variations of that same question, but I can look them straight in the eye and tell them I do the same things I recommend that they do because that’s how I know it works. I practice what I preach to them.

Remember, you’re teaching people based on your assessment that you know how and why they have these problems. If you don’t have the congruency to demonstrate the health and vitality that they’re paying you to help them develop, this puts you in a very compromising position.

Practicing what you preach goes far deeper than recitation or memorization. This knowledge becomes part of your core and the essence of how you really are.


I hope this week’s blog/vlog will be a wake-up call for only some of you…

Love and chi,