September 30, 2021

Why Kings Kill Your Children: The 4 Life Process Archetypes

Why Kings Kill Your Children: The 4 Life Process ArchetypesSome of you may be startled by the title of my latest blog/vlog…

But a lot of you won’t be, if you understand archetypes, primal patterns or original ideas and the root language of consciousness.

During my career — closing in on four decades — I’ve spent a lot of time studying psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, religion, all the relevant human sciences and much, much more.

It’s part of my job and I have to know them to do my work effectively as a holistic health practitioner and the founder of an institute that teaches holistic health and advanced adult education.

If you’re skilled, disciplined, adequately educated and fortunate enough to find mentors, you may make it to the king or queen stage. If you mature, you’ll begin looking inward and asking bigger questions.

Who am I really? What am I really? And where did I come from? And where will I go when I die?

Hopefully, the honest exploration of those four key questions will lead you on a personal spiritual quest, a Hero’s Journey where you’ll begin to move past your parents’ beliefs and forge your own life on your own terms.

There’s absolutely no question that you’ll face many setbacks and lots of struggles, as I have but the payoff is real: The freedom to call the shots and make the best decisions for you.

Along the way in your Hero’s Journey, undoubtedly, you will witness injustices in the world. What will you do? Look away, become a rebel for a cause or take the path of the child who merely wants to be nurtured and have a regular paycheck?

Why Kings Kill Your Children: The 4 Life Process Archetypes

This week’s blog/vlog is about taking that next step and looking deeper into the perils that are harming our world RIGHT NOW! And, if you need to get caught up on what’s going on, I’ll list plenty of resources below my vlog to help you know where to look first.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a wake up, grow up, clean up, show up blog/vlog. We have no more time to lose to make a difference in order to save our world, our families… everything.

Love and chi,



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