July 1, 2021

Creating Connection

Creating ConnectionHappy Thursday!

Are you feeling that the world is more topsy turvy and out of control than usual? Are you having a harder time finding the right balance in your life?

I want to share a technique I use to help me feel more love in the world, and one I’ve taught .

This blog/vlog is based on the one of the most common questions I get from people all over the world: How do I learn to love myself?

There’s so much extraneous programming out there from religious entities and elsewhere that people just don’t feel good about loving themselves at all.

Here’s a thought… Do you have plants in your home? If you don’t, go look for one at your local nursery that makes you feel some kind of genuine love and start a friendship with it.

Put it in a place where it will get enough sunlight and feed it enough water. Spend some time just talking to this plant, just like you would a friend. When I’ve done this, I’ve kissed and stroked their leaves and put healing stones in their pots.

I’ve found that it’s very easy to have relationships with plant beings, and they’re quite responsive to them too.

Creating Connection

Now that you have your assignment, I’ll guide you through a meditation that will help you connect with unconditional love at a soul level through your Heart Chakra to this being.

Doing this for just a few minutes can make you feel quite blissed out, like you’ve experienced a plant medicine, but it’s easier, cheaper and minus any side effects.

If you just spend 10 minutes doing that each day, you’ll re-enter a world that once seemed so dark, dreary, chaotic and confusing but now, it feels, looks and sounds more alive than ever.

Later on, you’ll recognize others who say or do unpleasant things to you are just doing the best they can with the life skills they have.

And, the more you learn to make love for yourself, the less needy you are in relationships and the quality of those relationships changes and begins to improve or fade away. Either way, it helps you feel better about you and the world around you.


Love and chi,