July 8, 2021

Overcoming Fear

Happy Thursday!

Some of you are so very fearful right now that you aren’t even sure who or what to believe.

Thanks to all of my years of spiritual practices and training, along with my many deep dives into the collective unconscious, I’ve been really feeling the buzz of people’s insecurities, anxieties and frustrations at many levels lately.

Given the long list of challenges we’ve been facing — you’ve heard me talking about them a lot over the past 18 months — there’s no need for me to talk about them here…

When you’re coming to the breakdown of an idea complex or cultural beliefs ingrained in daily living for so long, especially at the end of a thing, there’s often tremendous chaos. However, this period of chaos is natural.

You can’t maintain an old idea, habit, belief, or way of doing things, then incorporate something new and necessary and transformative for the growth and evolution of an individual, family, society, a culture or the world at the very same time without some major dis-ease.

Overcoming Fear

Believe me, I’ve witnessed lots of transformations and experienced many scary things in my life from a violent childhood and serious injuries to death and suicide.

I’ve worked very hard on my own healing to get to the point where the beliefs that were created in times of fear — which are often deeply imprinted — could be dealt with from an honest, open-hearted perspective so I could recognize which ones were serving me or not.

For example, I learned my childhood beliefs about money were actually limiting me from becoming financially successful. The kind of abundance I truly wanted only appeared in my life after I realized that I was projecting my fears outward and the world was mirroring them right back at me.

This week, I’m back at the blackboard to share some concepts I use and teach my students when working with clients who are in a fearful state and feel utterly lost, maybe due to one (or several) major health problems, a major life crisis or a death in their family.

No doubt, you’ve heard me talk about these processes before, but separately. This time, you get to go on a deeper dive with me where we address the basics:

  • Are you safe?
  • 4 Doctors
  • The I-We-All triumvirate of wholism.
  • Three psychological prerequisites.
  • The meaning and magic of alchemy in your life.


This is a longer than usual vlog/blog from me, but I think it’s necessary if you want to learn how to use fear constructively and make this world something that you can be proud to leave to your children.

Love and chi,