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  • Vaccines: The Great Controversy of the 21st Century

    Our nation’s children are at risk! If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you know I’m 100 percent passionate about helping people live their best, most healthy and vibrant lives. I’ve dedicated my career to finding solutions for […]

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  • Flu Vaccinations and ATP Completions

    C.H.E.K INSTITUTE ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM COMPLETIONS   Congratulations to Carl Weston and his students who just completed CHEK Exercise Coach training in Toronto! Carl is a fantastic instructor, so I am confident you got all your questions answered. I hope […]

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  • Vaccinations: Your Health Is Being Stolen!

    Happy Monday! Well, the New Year is upon us, and I suspect that you too are rolling back into the full swing of our normal work world after the holiday season. I had some much needed rest and time to […]

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