July 15, 2021

Getting To No Mind

Getting To No MindOur world will not change unless we change…

And, if we change the world to one that’s a lot more harmonious, we’re creating an environment of peace, love and acceptance for all living creatures, no matter if they were born in a hospital or a garden.

So, how do we manifest more harmony in our lives?

This week’s blog/vlog is all about stepping away from stresses of the day and creating more space in your mind or getting to what the Zen Masters call a state of no mind.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to be in a no mind state.

When you let go of the ego mind, you have access to the wisdom of your subconscious, which is the intelligence that keeps your body alive and healthy. Beyond that, you have access to the wisdom of the collective unconscious. In other words, all the intelligent beings on the planet

And, if you can get beyond that, you have access to cosmic consciousness, which creates universes. Before you go to bed tonight, look outside at the stars and you’ll see just how powerful this cosmic consciousness really is. And, you’re part of it too.

It’s not easy to embrace a state of no mind. There’s a big misunderstanding among many that when you meditate, you actively stop your mind, but that just creates more mind.

I’ll show you how to practice being in a no mind state with a Tibetan bowl and very deliberate breathing to bring more silence and awareness back into you and away from the monkey mind.

When you’re in that state of mind, you don’t care about anyone distracting you with texts and criticism and the doing of things.

You just practice getting to what’s behind it all. After a while, you get to see what’s behind the mystery of the conscious programmed mind and it’s pretty magical.

Love and chi,