September 16, 2021

Using Your Mind To Get What You Want

We’re living in a very confusing and very turbulent environment at the moment…

People are feeling very polarized about their beliefs about this thing or that thing. We’re certainly seeing it in this tug of war going on between the pro-medical and the pro-holistic health camps.

When we’re living in an environment like this one, it’s really important to remain heart-centered and to use our minds to create what we want.

Over my long career working with clients, I’ve seen what anxiety and depression does. I know people who have committed suicide, especially after the pandemic began.

So, you may wonder how I deal with all of this upset and upheaval.

I use a very simple technique fueled by a prayer.

The mind is so very powerful, especially if we can visualize and become fully present with what it is we want to experience and create in our lives and use our minds and emotions in harmony.

Do these things and you’ll be amazed by the changes in the experiences you have and the people you draw closer to you. You’ll learn pretty quickly that what seems to be a scary challenge turns out being an opportunity for growth.

For example, when I’ve conducted healing ceremonies with plant medicines with clients, a lot of people are afraid and nervous because they know they’re about to go into an ego-dissolving experience.

When we say the prayer to begin the ceremony, I urge my clients to shed any fears they have about what might happen and to see themselves on the other end of the journey with the intention of this experience fulfilled.

Multiple times during the ceremony, all of us recite a very simple mantra you’ve probably heard me use at the end of some of my Living 4D podcasts:

I am safe…

I am home…

I am whole.

Learn more about the power of this prayer in this week’s vlog.

Love and chi,