September 9, 2021

Zone 4 Training: A Practical Exercise From HLC 2

Zone 4 Training: A Practical Exercise From HLC 2Happy Thursday! What can you do with a 100 days of practice that will change your life for the better?

Do I have your attention yet?

This week, I want to share a Zone 4 exercise, a lot like those from How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy (and from my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2 program), that will help you with life force cultivation.

These exercises are better known as working in practices that are designed to provide you more energy than they cost in resources and energy to perform. Moreover, they supply you with a surplus of life force energy that better supports your immune system and your overall well-being.

All of these benefits help you become better equipped to deal with pressing issues of the world.

This week on my video, I share this mix of a Zone exercise and a medical qi gong practice I learned while training a long time ago.

This Zone 4 exercise definitely stimulates the Heart Chakra because we’re moving our arms. Any time you do this, you’re moving blood throughout your chest and arms which links to the cardiac plexus. The Heart Chakra integrates the lower chakras (connected to our survival instincts) with the upper chakras (connected to our creative and expressive abilities, including thinking, insight and intuition), and it’s a good way to go for quick integration too.

Also, who doesn’t need more love in their lives? Instead of waiting around for someone else, it’s much better for us if we love ourselves so fully that we spread that life force energy and love we generate everywhere we go.

I like to start my day with lots of practices like this one that fills me up with the love from Great Spirit so I’m not so co-dependent or needy in relationships.


I know this exercise will change your life if you work on it a little bit each day.

Love and chi,