October 28, 2019

Education Vs. Wisdom With Wade Lightheart

Education Vs. Wisdom With Wade LightheartHappy Monday everyone!

Education is very important to me. My life is dedicated to spreading and advancing education through the CHEK Institute, the blogs/vlogs I share here and my podcasts.

Although education informs your view of the world, that’s only part of a process.

True knowledge goes way beyond your education — books and teachers — and any diplomas or certifications you have framed on your wall.

You NEVER STOP LEARNING after you’ve received that certification or diploma.

All too often, I’ve seen people holding onto those teachings to support specific belief systems of the world that are rigid, closed and very wrong from them, like religion or isms like veganism. You have too…

One of the most dangerous things we can do to ourselves is to keep doing something repeatedly when it hasn’t been working repeatedly, then waste lots of energy attempting to defend it (unsuccessfully) and stress yourself needlessly over it.

That addiction to isms and repeated behaviors is what kept amazing athletes like Tim Shieff in a “vegan box” for so long until he finally listened to the wisdom of his body and walked away from it, yet at great financial cost.

Education certainly starts that process, but practicing what you’ve learned through real world experiences and making lots of mistakes along the way helps you develop the wisdom and courage it takes not to get stuck in dogmas and really live a dream-affirmative life.

Education Vs. Wisdom With Wade Lightheart

That’s the start of this portion of a longer, deeper and very interesting conversation I had with Wade Lightheart, in my most recent Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast, this week on my vlog.

You’ll also learn what it takes to go from being a student to being a master of anything and why you probably understood how to live the Hero’s Journey when you were a small child too.


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Have a great week!

Love and chi,