November 4, 2019

My Prayer and Blessing for Food

Ah HO Great Spirit and Happy Monday to you all!

This week, I’d like to share something very special with you that I do with every meal, every day…

I want to share how I pray to my food, invite it into my being, my oneness of being me.

My Prayer and Blessing for Food

I don’t know why all of us don’t have a greater sense of awe about food. It takes an entire universe to produce it.

There’s no food without sun or the moon, both of them extraterrestrial forces.

There’s no food without Mother Earth, a living entity from the sky to the water, the soil and the warmth.

And what about the contributions from the amazing living beings who participate in the creation of what we eat that comes from the soil or animals who survive largely on things that were once plants or other animals that ate plants.

Vegetarians and vegans are very concerned about killing animals, and I appreciate their feelings about this. However, the reality is that when we bring that animal into us as food — to the degree that we worship, love and respect the spirit of that animal that joins and lives inside us — these creatures contribute very deeply to our lives.

Looking at life and what we eat from this perspective — understanding that our lives are meant to share love and support life in nature — we’re really co-creators in the process of creating life and tending to the garden in hopes of finding a greater sense of balance and harmony so that we all get to live in love and enjoy fulfilling lives.

This very short vlog is my prayer I say with my food at every meal in the hope that you’ll feel inspired to invite the spirits of your food into your being.

After watching it, I hope you’ll come to appreciate that their lives are a gift to you and their spirit gives you the ability to heal yourself, to grow and to live in love and to grow your consciousness.