November 28, 2012

Sex Energy Part 3: Thinking

Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a lovely, productive day yesterday and am ready to teach HLC 2 here in Vista starting this morning.

I enjoyed a great pulling workout in the gym this morning as the birds were waking to Father Sun. Then I went to the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center and did tai-chi in the steam bath and some stretching for half an hour before getting a great massage from Francine.

I feel it’s very important to take care of our bodies if we have any hopes of having a healthy, well-functioning mind. Let’s talk more about that now.

Sex Energy Part 3:THINKING

How we think conditions our expression of our base sex energies (yin and yang = tai-chi). If we think angry thoughts, we express our potential with yang emphasis; this means increased heat, and outward going or centrifugal energy; spending.

If we do this too much relative to our potential to create sex energy in a balanced way, then we overheat, and dry ourselves out; we spend and spend but don’t rest and repair!

If we don’t take responsibility for using and developing our mind, it becomes like a sponge sitting in the bottom of a sink with a little water in it, yet not being used – it gets damp and moldy; this is excess yin.

When we express our sex energies in a balanced way, we can be our natural self and not suffer from over-extending, or under-utilizing our body-mind.

When we think and act in ways that are incongruent with the natural flow of the universe, we feel fatigue, pain, illness, and eventually disease.

The PainTeacher comes to redirect us whenever our thoughts and actions are out of harmony with the greater Song of The Universe.

Because about 92% of our consciousness is “subconscious and unconscious”, our ego or self perception is very limited in it’s ability to fully realize the ramifications of any choice it may make; it is also very unconscious of most of the possibilities we have available to us when making choices.

When our use of our sex energy is balanced, and our thinking is heart-centered (aware that you are looking at and experiencing life with the rest of your Self), the act of living creates peace, and a greater sense of connection – safety and security within ourselves; we feel love.

If the PainTeacher arrives when we are acting out of love, it is typically because we are learning how to have fun expressing ourselves in a loving way and our recovery is quick – powered by love!

There is also a tendency to see and feel the blessing hidden inside each of our hurts when our intention is to love better so we can live better.

Without the ideas we have been programmed with by parents and society, we have no sense of self-identity. We are as a sea cucumber, swaying too and fro with the flow of the ocean.

The ideas we embody define the mask(s) we wear both as individuals, and as cultures. Religions are by far the greatest contributors to the ideas/beliefs we embody; these ideas are at the root of our thoughts about the use of our creative sex energies!!

More people have died in wars of religious conflict than any other form of death I know of; The PainTeacher arrives any time you are out of harmony with The One-Song, the Uni-verse.

Because the origin of all expressed sex energies (tai-chi) is ZERO, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, or THE ABSOLUTE.

There can be no judgment there. All judgments are acts of exclusion and exclusion is an illusion we create so we can experience, and become aware that we are conditioning the UNCONDITIONAL.

Therefore, how you live determines how much love, support and connection you feel to SOURCE.

The degree of conscious connection expressed in the use of our sex energies as our thoughts, words and deeds is all-ways reflected back to us by the rest of our-Self (the Whole the ego doesn’t perceive, yet is who we really are).

This is why I teach my students that Love is a boomerang.

Sex energies are the base creative energies of all creation, within, and what you perceive to be outside you.

How you choose to cultivate your creative sex energy is both up to you, and, up to you to judge.

How you choose to express your creative sex energy is both up to you, and, up to you to judge.

Only you can choose to believe you are a sinner; GOD CAN’T MAKE A CHOICE AS GOD; the UNCONDITIONAL GIFT OF LOVE is only conditioned by your choices.

It is wise to realize that almost every religious or cultural belief is NOT a belief in another religion or culture.

Therefore, while one human being feels guilt, shame and judgment for some perceived sin, another person in another culture is feeling natural for expressing themselves the same way.

Who of them then! will God let into heaven??

Your inner-harmony or disharmony expresses your creations. Only you can choose to change your inner-state and therefore, your experience of life.

Changing your beliefs results in changing your thoughts. Since thought precedes your actions, look to your thoughts and the beliefs they represent as a means of mastering your sex energies.

When you are in harmony with the Universe, it doesn’t matter if the sky is falling because you know that empires rise and skies fall forever.

I ran out of time today, so lets talk about movement and sex energies tomorrow if you are interested.

Seize the day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek