November 29, 2012

Sex Energy Part 4: Movement

Happy Thursday to You!

I had a great day teaching on the first day of HLC 2 yesterday to a rather large group – forty-five attentive students.

We covered the five essential program design factors that must be considered if a health or exercise program is to be effective.

We also talked about what Unconditional Love is and how people’s “God models” are often the very source of the beliefs that lead to the behaviors that crate pain in their lives.

I explained the nature of programming as a means of creating “awareness” of what each individual believes, and therefore empowers, creating their reality.

We finished the day with a lesson on breathing mechanics and how the respiratory systems interfaces with the stabilizer systems of the body.

Above, you can see one of the student’s assessing his own diaphragm function. Below you can see me teaching the students how to follow their breath to unlock tension held in their bodies.



Movement is the essential quality of:
– time
– matter
– energy
– mind/thought, and
– life.

As you can see from my diagram above, the qualities of yin are such that if we move our bodies easily, gently, and rhythmically, we cultivate more energy than we spend to perform the movement.

The result is a surplus of life-force energy or chi.

When movements are done slowly and gently enough that our heart rate and breathing rate are not sped up beyond their natural resting state, we don’t stress the body. I call this “Working-In”.

This type of movement pumps, harmonizes and energizes the body and is an essential counterbalance to working out.

Whenever anyone is low on sex energy or base creative energy (life-force), Work-In movements are a simple, natural, and highly effective way to bring balance and energy to the body-mind that is free and easy to do.

Working-out means to perform movements or exercises that cost more energy to perform than they provide at the time of the exercise session.

The work-In exercises are anabolic (restorative), while work-out exercises are catabolic (tissue destructive).

Though we could all be much healthier in general if we did daily work-In activities for at least 30:00 daily, many of us would not develop the strength or agility needed to live our dreams fully with work-in exercises alone.

There are also many hormonal benefits to working-out, as well as benefits to the detoxification system of the body.

If we work-out too much for our bodies energy and nutrient reserves to compensate for effectively, we maintain a catabolic, tissue destructive state.

This results in chronic inflammatory states in the body, leading to excessive heat within. This leads to a variety of challenges, including a mind that won’t calm down.

The simple secret to keeping your sex energies vital is this:

– When you feel energized enough to work-out effectively and enjoy expressing yourself through movement, do it! If you can’t improve on your last work-out by 1-3%, you don’t belong in a gym or in a work-out format!work-In!

– When you need additional energy, harmonizing, balancing, mental clarity, or energy for acts of sexual gratification, Work-In!

Movement is a critical component of cultivating and balancing your base, creative sex energies.

If we don’t move effectively, we can be assured that we are creating imbalances that will diminish our ability to live, love and create optimally.

Since the world has mastered abusing their creative sex energy potentials, we can all be of great influence to the people of the world by demonstrating what it looks like to cultivate and express balanced, healthy creative sex energies.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series on sex energies.

I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek