November 27, 2012

Sex Energy Part 2: How to Build Your Fire!

Happy Tuesday to you!

I had a beautiful, highly productive day yesterday, and a great pushing workout too!



When Vidya returned home from Australia, she brought a special gift from the Carr family (Donal, Cathy, Josh and Ryan).

It is an amazing apron they all painted for me. The two hands at the top are the boys hands, and the two hands at the bottom are Cathy and Donal’s hands.

I was blown away at the beauty and mastery of the art on the apron!

They made it for me to wear when making my herbal medicines; I’ve splattered many of my t-shirts and pants with overflow while stirring and mixing so they certainly had an original idea for this gift!

The beauty of the art is such that I feel afraid to wear it for fear of getting it dirty, but they assured me that the paints can withstand the washing machine and encouraged me to wear it.

I will wear it with joy! Thank you so much to all of you, yet again for all your generous love!

Sex Energy Part 2: HOW TO BUILD YOUR FIRE!

Yesterday, I shared the basics of sex energy. I clarified that “sex energy” is not just the energy pulsing through your sex organs when you feel like having sex.

Sex energy is the base creative energy or “life-force energy” that runs our body-mind and expresses itself in our creative self expression.

My mandala above gives you the basics:
Black = yin
Yellow = yang

Just as I described with the fire analogies yesterday, sex energy is created out of the transformation of yin to yang and yang back to yin.

Looking at my mandala, just think of a star. The star has an extremely dense core (fire wood), yet is burning as a perpetual atomic blast furnace that lights the sky for all to see for light years away.

When the star runs out of fuel (yin), it collapses and explodes, and may create a black hole (extreme yin).

Out of the black hole, a white hole emerges, giving birth to yet another star that is made of all the matter sucked into the black hole for significant distances around it.

The key point is that the energies of yin and yang need each other.

Just as a fire needs wood, and wood is liberated in the fire, yin needs yang to warm and expand her, while he needs her to give him something to work with.

It is the basic energies created in the stars that are the driving force behind life on this planet and motion throughout the universe.

Today, it is reported that the most common cause for physician visits is fatigue. This is a symptom of imbalanced sex energies.

To exemplify how bad the situation is in our “scientifically driven culture”, I’ve had young men of 19 and 20 contact me for advice on how to get off of Viagra!

Now, when the youth of your country are having to use Viagra to get an erection, it should be considered a serious health problem.

Regaining your sex energy is usually most easily done by getting adequate sleep, and rest in general.

If you are not getting at least eight hours of sleep a night according to the criteria outlined in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, your first, fastest and best method for improving your sex energy is to get to bed on time.

Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily (or multiplying the KG of your body weight by .033 to get liters/day) is essential to regain sex energy.

Water is critical to all chemical reactions in the body, as well as being the chief agent of detoxification. As Dr. Robert Rokowski says, “The best solution for pollution is dilution.”

Eating a diet of organic produce and organic free-range meats is the only way to provide your body with chemical free, nutrient dense foods; this is the fuel for the fire, and the building blocks for body-mind repair.

Just remember, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit!only Mother Earth can do that.

It amazes me that people will drive across town to get high octane fuel for two cents less a gallon, but won’t take the time to find real food!

Oh well, there’s always Viagra and the likes for them!

Breathing a full breath is critical to cultivation of sex energy. Practice breathing deeply into your belly, letting it expand for the first 2/3rds of your breath before your chest begins to move.

If you do that slowly and deeply while breathing through your nose for ten minutes, you will notice an increase in your sex energy right away.

On another note men, if you have problems with premature ejaculation (and if you don’t think you do, ask your lover(s)!), breathing slowly and steadily through your nose while making love can really go a long way to pleasing your lover.

Starting with the coldest shower you can get for a good six minutes may turn you into Superman if you aren’t dead already.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about thinking and movement as means for enhancing your sex, or basic creative energies before beginning another five days of teaching HLC2. We have a full class and I’m looking forward to teaching them the basics my system of personal, mental/emotional and spiritual coaching for health and wellbeing.

Have a lovely day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek