May 20, 2014

Miraculous Living: A 4 Doctor Approach Pt. 1/4

Happy Day Everyone!

I’m heading home tomorrow and have concluded my teaching here in Australia. Its been a great tour and I’ll share more regarding the workshops below.

Today I’ve begun a new mini series, Miraculous Living: A 4 Doctor Approach Pt. 1/4: The Four Qualities of Supramental Beings

I know that is a mouthful but a supramental being is a master that can go beyond the laws of physics called siddhis.

in Part one I explore some of the work of Amit Goswami and his book Physics Of The Soul.

and share some concepts as they relate to my book: The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need so that we can take advantage of this knowledge to achieve the life you want.


There are four main characteristics that all Masters have been reported to share that potentiated their lives:

Power to transform the negative to the positive.

This is the power of Dr. Movement (body, mind, emotion and spirit)

I share the concepts in of how Unconditional Love or Zero becomes the soul embodied through Prime Source and the Individuation of Consciousness as potential.

The soul represents the causal body. This is the beginning of what”s called individuated Wholeness.

As the soul becomes embodied and moves into the Higher Mind, it provides the context of archetypes or pure forms that Prime Source expresses its perfection. (Think of the Lover, the Warrior, etc.) This is where Zero expresses itself in potential.

From here, intellectual programing and the birth of the ego is expressed through the ideas and beliefs of the matrix in which we exist.

The vital or energetic body then imprints and informs the physical body.

The physical body is the materialization or “matter” “realization” – that you call you. Here you forget the fact that you are wholeness as you have just jumped into the “river of forgetfulness.”

But this is what makes it fun! The journey of life we get to wake up and discover who we truly are and move potential energy.

The following tips will empower you:

1. Question your own thoughts, are they Dream Affirmative? Be Honest and affirm your Love.

2. Recognize your Creative Power. Do you energize fear by focusing on what you don’t want OR what you you Do Want = Potential?

3. Don’t make the same mistakes over and over. Are you living groundhog day?

4. Engage in Art therapy. Express yourself without thought of judgement.

5. Seek out Mentors who have achieved what you want to emulate.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

Workshops in AU

I completed my 4 day workshop series How to Design Exercise Programs for Unhealthy People.


Since my last Blog post, I taught Primal Pattern Eating and then How To Design Exercise Programs for Unhealthy Clients, both well attended.

I’ve been glad for a little rest these past couple of days. I’m really missing my home and my office in Heaven and I’m really happy to head home tomorrow. It’s been a great tour and I’ve shared a lot of information to empower all of my students.

I’ll share more once I’m home and we will continue my series on Friday.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek