May 23, 2014

Miraculous Living: A 4 Doctor Approach Pt. 2/4

Happy Friday to You!

It’s so cool to be home, and to be here looking out the window of my Heaven House as I write to you.

In my blog today, I continue our Miraculous Living series, and then I share some highlights of my amazing trip to Australia.

I’m super happy to be home, and am on vacation for a couple weeks, which I’m very grateful for. Rest is a very good thing, particularly after a very busy international speaking tour.

Miraculous Living: A 4 Doctor Approach Pt. 2/4
The 4 Qualities of the Supramental Being: The Power of Creative Expression Beyond the Laws of Physics.


Today, I continue my video blog series by looking at how we can all begin to practice the second essential quality displayed by spiritual Masters.

After sharing some thoughts on how we can all practice this method of living, I expand on the following tips:

1. Have a dream bigger than your nightmare.
Your dreams are a snapshot of your future. Einstein

2. Use your imagination!

3. Use your intuition.

4. Look for “I’m Possible” instead of “impossible”!

5. Find and use a mentor; your mentor ship begins now with my PPS Success Mastery lessons available to you at:

Highlights From My Australia HLC2 Course and Workshop Series.

I had an AMAZING trip to Australia this year – THE BEST EVER!

I was blown away at how open-minded, and well-prepared my HLC 2 students were. We had the greatest of times together. I loved every one of them.

The men – BEAUTIFUL. The women – BEAUTIFUL. The surroundings at Lake Macquire Resort were beautiful. The rooms clean and fully functional, spacious, homy.

Donal and Cathy Carr ( did an excellent job managing the whole event, and I’m grateful for their ongoing hard work and excellence in leadership.

Cathy Carr SW

Here you can see Cathy Carr practicing my “Stork Flight” exercise at HLC 2.

Cathy and Donal have attended and assisted with a large number of HLC 2 courses, yet there they are taking notes and studying each step fo the way.

Cathy always fully participates in her own learning and healing process, so I love having her as a student in each of my Australian HLC 2 and 3 classes.

Cathy’s yoga classes have really taken off and I’m so glad. She’s one of the few yoga teachers that teaches and lives yoga in a way that I can respect as representative of the actual teachings of yoga. To have her as your yoga teacher would be like finding a campfire with hot tea on a cold night in the middle of the desert.

One of my favorite parts of my trip was getting to see Donal Carr teaching a new group of HLC 1 students how to “work-in”. I love seeing people learn how to relax and control their mind, and gain access to their inner-being. It was fun to spend a little time with Donal’s HLC 1 students.

HLC 1 Sydney DC
I enjoyed teaching my students how to breath properly, and how to teach others to breath.

HLC 2 Breathing

There were many very intelligent, inspired young men in my classes this trip, and it was a great experience for me to witness the love flowing through them.

The ladies in my classes were a match for the amazing men. They were so beautiful, sometimes I thought I was at a fitness pageant.

Stork Walk

4 Days Of Lecture/Workshops in Sydney

Change Seminar Sydney
After HLC 2, it was back to Sydney to begin my 4-day lecture/workshop series at the beautiful Mona Vale golf course in their conference room.

I was bubbling with excitement to teach this first run workshop, where I share my newly developed CHEK 10-step Change Model.

I synthesized many of the essentials about how live works based on both hard science, and the teachings of spiritual Masters.

The book that inspired my model and yet again confirmed my own experiences with the soul as I teach them is “The Physics Of The Soul” by Amit Goswami.

His model is in harmony with the maps and model I teach my HLC 3 students so they have a comprehensive understanding of the life process.

This workshop is unique because it exemplifies the fact that your belief system (conscious or unconscious) is the basis of how you see the world; that includes what you perceive to be limiting or fearful relative to what is abundant and loving.

If we don’t understand the limitations we impose upon ourselves because we haven’t looked beyond our own programmed beliefs, we can become dangerously sure of ourselves when we are dangerously narrow-minded.

I had many students comment in the following days as to how much the workshop opened their mind and helped them challenge their own beliefs. This was very rewarding for me to hear.

I only lost one student at the half way point, which is pretty good for the kind of workshop that is designed to open “Pandora’s Box”; you’ve got to be brave to look in there and some are very afraid of their God.

I know each person is at the perfect place in their journey, and that sometimes, spirit gives us glimpses of possibilities that we may want to return to at a future time.

On Break Sydney
This was our view out the window of the classroom, which was the entire back wall. I had a great view while getting off my feet for a few minutes every couple hours, which is always great when giving so many lectures day after day.

My body doesn’t like standing in one spot, or sitting in one spot for too long without movement.

I have a long laundry list of injuries from my younger years racing motorcycles, boxing, kickboxing, and all the exciting things farm boys get up to…

I like to be free to listen to my body, but if it tells me to lie on the floor and roll during a lecture, I have to ask it to be patient…

My apartment was right on the beautiful New Port Beach in the Northern Beaches of Sydney region.

I slept and awoke to the sound of ocean waves. The many beautiful birds woke me up at 6:00 AM each day, singing their songs of joy for daylight.

The beach was beautiful and the water warm. The students were bright and motivated to learn, and to share their love.

The energy of the tribe was very strong in HLC 2, and I felt the rising of a primal inner-peace that comes when there is harmony in one’s environment.

All One Australia 5-20-14

I painted the mandala above to symbolize our day to together. I called it “All One”, since that is how we feel when we are together.

After my tour was over, I spent the day with my core Australian family members, Donal and Cathy Carr, Jo Rushton and Cam Nell. We got together and did art work and shared great food.


Cam, Donal, Cathy and Jo painted an amazing piece together, but I don’t have a photo of it yet. I’ll share it when I get it for sure!

Jo Rushton Post Aus Tour 2014

Jo Rushton, HLC 1 Instructor, and one of my best friends painted this mandala to symbolize our day together at the end of the tour. Her art is amazing.

Imagine being in a room with Cathy and Donal Carr, and Jo Rushton all doing art together. I love it because now matter what I do on the paper or canvas, they can make it look magnificent in no time .

Jo’s art isn’t something that many people know about, but believe me, if you are looking at it, you are being healed. The same is true of Cathy Carr’s art.

Jo gave me a gift of a painting she did for me called “The Peaceful Warrior”. It is beautiful and I’ll share it on an upcoming blog. It sits at the head of my bed now and I love it. Thanks Jo! Love you!

When I arrive home from a teaching tour, it is my usual practice to express my feelings of the experience artistically.

Spirit of Australia Tour 5-22-14
This is my attempt to paint what rises inside me when I go to my heart and feel the experience as a whole. There is a flame representing each of the students I taught on the tour.

Well, that brings you up to date in my life.

I’m happy to be home resting with my buddy Rory and my tree, plant and stone spirits, and eating Vidya’s nourishing food!

I’ll be enjoying a vacation at home and look forward to catching up with you as soon as it arises as an act of love.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek