May 16, 2014

Movment As Medicine Pt. 7/7: 5 Essential Program Design Factors

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I’ve been busy as a beaver teaching in Australia to fantastic students.

Movement As Medicine Series, Pt. 7: 5 Essential Program Design Factors


I’ve seen over and over that if we don’t explore these essential 5 program design factors that the likelihood of yourself or clients completing an exercise program his not very high and lead to decreased motivation.

These are important to consider when designing any health and wellness program. Without these your exercise programs may not be successful whether you are designing a program for yourself or clients.

This is step 5 as I teach in my HLC2 Course based on:

1. Time

2. Energy

3. Willingness

4. Finances

5. Equipment Availability (home or gym)

You need to prioritize all of these factors, which are just as important as the other segments that I’ve shared previously.

I’ve seen again and again that clients think they have more time then they actually do. My rule of thumb is if they say they have an hour, design something they can do in a half hour.

How much Energy do you have? Use the work-in technologies, mobilization and stretching to build energy. If your energy levels are high, then workout.

The 1-3% rule: Don’t due your next workout unless you can improve your performance at least 1-3% or you are not resting adequately and you won’t get good results.

You need to ask whether or not the willingness factor is at least 7% or else they might not have qualified their Dream – something bigger then you. This requires Honesty!

What is realistic for your finances. There are always ways to use your resources intelligently and creatively without breaking the bank.

Finally, Equipment availability requires creativity. You don’t need a gym to get a great workout! Lift Rocks! Use a medicine or Swiss ball.

It is more important for you to ask yourself “what can be done”, not what cannot be done.

If you follow these key Movement as Medicine Principles, when applied with intelligence effectively will help you to move and be healthy!

There are lots of resources that I’ve shared during the series that will empower you toward your goals.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

Roll, Wiggle, Crawl and Climb to Walk, Ru and Jump Pain-Free!

My workshops in Australia are going great! Yesterday I taught my one-day version of Infant Development and Primal Pattern Movement: Roll, Wiggle, Crawl and Climb to Walk, Ru and Jump Pain-Free! at the Mona Vale Country Club.

So many interested and attentive students, some new and some long-time students!

Here are pictures of my day:







Thanks everyone for sharing your day with me. I had a lot of fun teaching!

Today I teach my Primal Pattern Eating workshop. I’ll share more soon!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek