December 12, 2012

How the Ego Heals 12*12*12

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a unique day numerically. We are all twelves’ today : 12-12-12

Here is a nice read on the energetics of today that Vidya shared with me:

The Ancient Mayan calendar speaks of 12-12-2012 as the end of times as we know it, and the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for planet earth, humanity and the cosmos. Mayan elders say that the Ancients were informing the modern world to be ready for a giant transformation for the human race. Interestingly, traditions across the world including Buddhism, Tao, Hopi and Vedic knowledge predict a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Satyuga’ in their calendars around the same period. December 2012 is being looked upon as a significant spiritual event and a momentous shift in the collective consciousness of the planet.

12-12-12 is a beautiful opportunity for transformation and healing on a personal and global level. We are invited to allow the supportive energies of Mother Earth to open our hearts and be ready for expansion. It is time for you to gently open your heart and prepare your “field” to sow seeds of love that are in harmony with the frequency of Mother Earth through softening of the heart space. In doing so, we say yes to aligning our hearts to the heartbeat of the planet so that we may be joyfully lifted as the Earth lifts in her awakening.

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The ego is seen as something to get rid of by many religious people in both eastern and western religions.

But as I read the teachings depicted in many of the great books from around the world, I’m constantly reminded of the wise words by the philosopher-sage Shankara, who said, “Scripture cannot be understood until one is enlightened, and one who is enlightened does not need to read scripture.”

I also find it interesting that my studies revealed that in most cases, the enlightened teachers that have shared their love and teachings with those that became devoted students did not want any student writing their teachings – or taking notes.

They all knew the danger in words. So, one must ask, where did all these words that are taken as gospel, or the inspired word of God come from?

The answer, from logical deduction, is that all these words came from those that can’t follow a master’s instructions!

I know this parody very well myself. After countless requests, and!having students sign student contracts with clearly defined requests regarding how to reference my teachings, and what is, or is not acceptable as far as photographs or video being taken in class, I am constantly dealing with the challenges of students not following directions.

That said, if such students were to write books about my teachings and people assumed the authors were authentic, qualified representatives, what would occur in the lives of those that “believed” what they were reading?

Such challenges are expressions of the nature of the ego and it is this aspect of the ego that the great masters were actually addressing, not the ego itself in most cases.

What is the ego?

There are many definitions of the ego.
Webster’s Dictionary offers the following relevant definitions of the ego:

1. The self; the individual as self-aware.

4. Psychoanalysis that part of the psyche which experiences the external world, or reality, through the senses, organizes the thought processes rationally, and governs action: it mediates between the impulses of the id, the demands of the environment, and the standards of the superego.

Note: Wikipedia expands on: Id, ego and super-ego are the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche; they are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction mental life is described.

According to this model of the psyche, the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the ego is the organized, realistic part; and the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role.[1]

The super-ego can stop you from doing certain things that your id may want you to do. [2]

The question we should all ask ourselves before embarking on the journey of ego annihilation is, “what aspect of the ego would you like to destroy and what will be left of you to function without it?”

There are many layers to “self-awareness”. The infant is self-aware. That is why it cries when hungry; it doesn’t cry when someone else is hungry. The infant/child’s ego is bodily oriented. The infant has no ideas to express itself through its intellect.

Looking back on our lives, most people find that in general, their bodily health and function were noticeably better as children than as adults.

But what happened along the way?

As we learn to speak, we take on the ideas imparted to us by our parents, family members and those in our immediate environment that influence us. It is through the process of acquiring language that we learn to:

1. Judge others and ourselves.

2. Act out ideas that result in loss of health and vitality.

3. Believe in the ideas programmed into us as though they are facts, even though living out such ideas often creates great pain in our life and relationships.

4. Become closed-minded.

How The Ego Heals

As individuals, we begin our lives by experiencing the process of relating to self and others. Our psyche is largely outwardly focused. This is natural.

Our sustenance and our sense of safety and security depends upon the support of our parents and family. As children, we have little choice about what ideas are imposed upon us and we don’t have adequate self-reference or experience to determine a good idea from a not-so-good one.

Regardless of how good, or not-so-good our parents were, it is safe to say they all did the best they could with the programming and life experience they had at the time.

The truth is, no matter how good your parents were, they couldn’t shield you from the challenges of life and relationships, and there will be many!

Even the children of gods must meet the children of other gods on the road to reaching their human potential.

When we cultivate awareness as to who we desire to become (at any stage of our adolescent and adult life), we now have a reference that serves as a gauge to determine our direction on the path we’ve chosen.

All dreams require relationships to create. The universe is an undivided whole and we are part of it. As you can see in my drawing above, you may think that the person loving, or criticizing you is actually someone else, but they are actually an equal expression of the wholeness of the universe.

The universe has nothing to look at or experience but itself. When Masters speak of healing the ego, they are really speaking of removing any ideas of separation because they know that separation is an illusion created by the ideas we embody.

When the ego’s programming (beliefs) are incongruent with the dream or direction chosen, we meet resistance.

The resistance we feel when we are incongruent with our dream may be self-generated due to our own self-judgments, or it may be the product of relevant relationships.

For example, if you have a habit of being late to meetings, you may find yourself meeting resistance in the creation of your dream. You may also receive constructive criticism from key members of your dream team, and/or you may be critical of your own lack of punctuality.

At the moment we take responsibility for what we are creating within ourselves, and in our relationships, the ego’s healing process is underway.

We eventually lean that how we feel inside ourselves and in our relationships is the product of conditions. Conditions are integral to all relationships with self and others because without them, we would have no capacity to feel.

If you want to feel satiated, you must meet the balance the condition of hunger with the condition of feeding yourself.

We learn that our “yes” has no value until we learn to say “no”.

The only way to know when to say no rationally is to be clear as to what core values support your dream building process.

If your dream is to be an exceptional athlete, and your friends regularly invite you to go out drinking at night, you will have to evaluate their offer relative to your own stated values.

When we choose according to our dream-values, we affirm our dream and create efficiently.

When we live in a way that is dream-affirmative, we show others what it looks like to effectively manage conditions in our life.

Each step of the way, we gain experience from the application of our ideas. We learn that we can create peace and joy within ourselves. We become confident in ourselves.

With that peace of mind, we become less and less self-centered, for the next stage of our development isn’t creating more and more for ourselves.

It is sharing the creative or dream building process with others that are inexperienced and often challenged by their own ignorance or programming.

This stage of ego healing is exemplified by our ability and willingness to be empathetic (to feel the other) and compassionate (to understand the other).

We now clearly see ourselves – our struggles – and our process, being lived out by others.

Just as a mother naturally wants to help her child overcome the frustration of not being able to tie it’s shoe by helping, we naturally desire to share our wisdom with others struggling to create and live their dreams.

We can see all the bumps in the road we’ve encountered along the way and easily recognize when someone is heading for trouble out of ignorance or adherence to ideas that don’t serve their process.

We naturally want to help them; this shows that our ego is no longer self-centered, but is “We-centered”.

We find quickly that the best thing we can do for those who are still growing and developing a healthy (self-actualized) ego is to help them establish optimal conditions for experiencing their dream.

We realize that they must learn to take responsibility for their individual choices and acts of creation and that loving and supporting incongruent behavior is like giving sick people candy.

Soon enough, we grow to look out at the world and see that everyone is growing through the same processes we’ve come through.

We have the confidence of knowing that we’ve made it to the place where we are peaceful inside.

We’ve come to trust that the universe is loving and supportive. We realize that the illusion of lack and limitation created by our programmed ideas was, in most cases, an illusion.

We realize that the illusion is a necessary experience, without which, we could never have consciously perceived or celebrated our authentic wholeness. We begin to see and feel ourselves as a citizen of the universe.

As a Divine expression of the “ALL”. When we live that way day in and day out, our ego is healed and life is rich with meaning.

We feel safe.
We feel home.
We feel whole.

We know that the rest of the souls are fulfilling the one dream that brought all of us here; to be a human being that is both self-aware, and Self-Realized.

We are amazed at it ALL.

Enjoy the journey!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

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