October 30, 2013

Explore The Natural

Happy Wednesday to You!

I hope you are all experiencing well-being.

I’ve been as busy as ever lately, working with my Zero Force coaching clients, and those consulting me for help with body-mind health challenges, among the many daily tasks I perform.

I had Monday off after doing some focused work with clients for four days in a row. It was lovely to have a lazy day at home with no plan. I started my day by fasting, having some lovely herbal tea, and sitting in my HealthMate IR sauna, which I did again in the late afternoon.

Rock Garden Vista
The photo above is my rock garden after spending about four hours out there playing. I got the chi flow balanced and it feels like I’m walking around in a mystical garden where elves have been playing with stones.

It must be captivating to the locals because I’m once again seeing people stop, stand in front of my yard, and go into a pleasant emptiness. There are also people taking photos, which is fun to share with them.

Mike Salemi Kettlebell Training

I had another great coaching session yesterday with Mike Salemi, Russian kettlebell competitor.


Here you can see Mike working on his lifting, posture and breathing technique as it relates to kettlebell lifting. He is making great progress and we are excited for his next competition; way to go Mike! I’ll keep you posted. Mike’s excited to be in Exercise Coach this week and to have Ashley Mazurek as his instructor.

Ashley Mazurek

Ashley Mazurek, CP4, HLC3, CHEK Faculty is in town teaching CHEK Exercise Coach at Robert Yang’s facility in Encinitas this week. Her students have no idea how lucky they are to have her as their instructor. Ashley is an amazing woman who has lived the CHEK Principles fully in her life for quite some time.

I first began working with Ashley to help her with challenging clients around 2000, and she’s worked her way through my teachings and mastered them over the years. She not only applies the CHEK Principles in her own life, but is a mother with two children and a partner to care for, so she has the experience of implementing the principles with her family.

This experience makes for a more well-rounded instructor, allowing them to have wisdom to share with other parents on the path of holistic living.

Ashley is also a very accomplished athlete. She’s done multiple Ironman triathlons in very respectable times. She can lift weights, dance, do aerobics, yoga, you name it, and she’s good at it! Her kinesthetic wisdom makes it easy for others who are visual or kinesthetic in their dominant learning style to learn easily from her. I’m looking forward to dropping in on her class to visit her and the students in the next few days.

Upcoming NPE & CHEK Event here in San Diego: Fast Forward!

My buddy and friend Sean Greeley (Net Profit Explosion), Penny and I have partnered up to provide you the breakthrough FAST FORWARD weekend workshop November 15 & 16 here in San Diego.

During Day 1, I’ll be sharing with you my 10 Essentials: How To Be A Healthy Business Owner. As a business owner, I know the challenges that present themselves while pursuing your dream business and I’ll share my tips and self-management strategies with you to help you from becoming burned-out, fatigued and overly stressed so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. I haven’t missed a single day of work due to illness in over 29 years and you’ll learn why!

Sean will share his step-by-step systems and tools that are used everyday with successful business owners around the world. You won’t want to miss this event! We are excited to meet you there.

Explore The Natural!

“You don’t need to hop-up, sweeten, soften, or artificially preserve nature”

For the past 100 years or more, people in industrialized nations have been hell-bent on processing and preserving foods and drinks. The result has been an onslaught of “scientific papers” validating everything from herbs to make your sex organs bigger and improve your sex drive, to five hour (adrenal killing) energy drinks, to metabolism stimulating diet pills, to you name it…

But what do we have to show for all this “science backed wonder-foods and drugs”? A hell of a lot more men whose dicks don’t stand up, women who’ve lost their sex drive and their shape, and people eating out of pill bottles hoping for a miracle that never comes; a grand reflection of our political process and its ethical, moral influence on our academics, businessmen, media moguls, medical doctors; and we have a new branch of prostitution, called “science for hire”…

In my vlog today, I share my feelings about sticking to the natural. I share that “minimal processing” allows us to gain more vitality and nutrition from our foods. I finish my talk with some tips:

1. Stick to Living essentials.

2. If it’s more dead than you are, you’ll need to use your own life-force and resources to “humanize” the food than it delivers, creating a progressive deficit in your vitality.

3. Learn Healthy Living from healthy people!

Our culture’s addiction to “words on paper” and letters behind names has grown to such a degree that people don’t pay attention to the fact that most of the “health experts” they consult and rely on are…unhealthy.

For those of you who are interested in what “juice” I was drinking, here’s what was in it: carrots, green apple, pear, ginger, kale, green pepper, poblano pepper, garlic, celery and spirulina – all organic of course! Yum Yum!!

I close by recommending that people wanting to be coached to health by healthy people can find a CHEK Practitioner or CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach in their area by using our Practitioner locator system on www.chekconnect.com.

I also suggest exploring theses web sites, which are LOADED with solid, useful resources by people who really do walk their talk:



I hope you all enjoy my vlog today, and that you create some time in your day to “do nothing”, play and have fun! Follow the flow of the spirit of the day.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek