November 1, 2013

What Is The Most Valuable Thing In The World?

Happy Friday!

I hope you are all excited for the weekend!

I’m jumping the gun a bit and having today off to relax in my garden, catch up on some reading, enjoy some time meditating in my HealthMate IR sauna, and watch a movie while I draw.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today, or over the weekend. I think my message is a good one for a Friday!

What Is The Most Valuable Thing In The World?

My vlog today was inspired by a lecture given by Alan Watts in his audio CD titled, Do You Do It or Does It Do You?: How to Let the Universe Meditate You.

In the lecture I’m referring to above, Alan Watts tells the story of a student who asks a zen master, “Master, what is the most valuable thing in the world?” The Master answers, “A dead cat!”

The answer is typical of a zen Master, in that it baffles the logical, intellectual mind. I share in my vblog today, that the meaning of the zen Master’s answer is that “a dead cat has no value.” Therefore, the only value is the value you put on it.

If you haven’t heard of Alan Watts, or listened to any of his audios or seen videos of him on youtube or similar venues, then you are in for a real metaphysical treat!

Alan Watts is one of my favorite philosophers. He was raised a Christian, and got a degree in Theology, later to become a master of zen. He is very well educated, very practical, funny, honest, and medicinal to the soul.

Alan’s teachings are timeless. If you were to read his book, “The Wisdom Of Insecurity”, which was written in 1951, you would think he wrote it yesterday!

His books, “What Is Zen” and “What Is Tao” are excellent!!

I hope you enjoy Alan Watts as much as I do.


I drew this piece of art to express what my soul showed me in response to my question, “What will the end of 2012 bring humanity and the world?”. The answer was that time is an intangible concept in the Universe.

Spirits Of 2012 End

The only 2012, or 2013…there is comes as an expression of your socially agreed upon time construct. Though there are cycles of change in the universe, any “time construct” one perceives is only possible as a relative perception, and the truth of the universe is not relative, it is ABSOLUTE.

What people fear as “the end” is not an end. All so-called “ends” are also “beginnings”, for life is like a tree, forever growing in spirals, in which the Absolute roots/Earth become the Absolute Sky/leaves, only to fall and become earth on it’s way to reaching for, and becoming the sky again.

What you think about as an “objective world”, a world with specific meaning stems from being conditioned to the perceived need to “make everything useful and/or meaningful”. The Universe is PURE ART.

Each day, you collectively dream your story into existence, and you individually do your part to act your chosen role in The Divine Play.

You are each self-conscious, yet seldom are you aware that what you are is The Witness, not “the body”. Souls love matter like children love toys, and artists love paints and other mediums to express themselves with.

What you call “GOD” can be imagined as “CONSCIOUSNESS”, while all sentient beings are embodiments of The One CONSCIOUSNESS. The world is your playground.

Each night you go to bed, you co-create with Her and she with you. As you play more and more with the elements of creation, your spirit evolves, becoming more and more aware of what is “feeling the joy”, and less and less captivated by the elements used to express yourself.

What you think of as “the world” is one of a myriad of places sentient souls experience embodiment. Embodiment is a means of experiencing individual wholeness, which is quite different than the state of experiencing The Wholeness that individuates.

The world is your canvas, upon which you are all free to paint and live your stories. What comes of the world on any given day is driven by the probabilities created by the union of your collective dreams.

When you learn to do what you love to do (instead of what you think you have to do), you learn to live love.

When you’ve learned to live love, you see only love; there is no longer any fear of the world’s end, for Love’s truth reaches beyond your concepts of time and objectivity.

Live each day with the awareness that the whole Universe is living, breathing, seeing, feeling, and experiencing itself, with, and through you, and you will solve the Grand Koan!

So, as my soul would suggest to me, the Universe, and the world are a “dead cat”! ALL expressions of life exemplify the art of CONSCIOUSNESS playing, dancing, singing, painting, building, loving, fighting it out like good little warriors…

When we forget to truly live, we tend to take life so seriously that it becomes a labor. We become progressively more empty inside, feeling only the pressure of meeting expectations from others, and even those that we think are our own – which are largely planted there by others just as blind to the art as we.

In my vlog today, I suggest the following tips for enhancing the value of your dead cat:

– Unbound Play!

– Art, dance, and singing… (my favorite show on TV is “The Voice” )

– Walking or playing in nature.

– Your hobbies

I finish by encouraging you to let the world carry you (and your perceived challenges) for your unbound playtime. She’s lasted through plagues, earthquakes, floods, droughts, world wars, and untold disasters, yet she is with her arms around you, waiting for you to live, love and play fully!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek