December 5, 2012

Why Diets Don’t Work until They Do!

Happy Wednesday to You!

I celebrated a lovely past two days of rest and play Monday and Tuesday after the completion of a beautiful HLC 2 class here in Vista.

I enjoyed some peaceful time alone with myself and Vidya in the gym as I meditated on the next stage of my own dream creation. I ate well and lived well, and today I’m ready to share more of my love, life and wisdom with you.


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We are all walking a tightrope – perpetual balancing our body-mind between acting out our animal instincts and our tremendously human intellectual programming.

Most of us are aware that animals with body shape problems don’t occur in nature; when is the last time you saw a fat rattle snake, deer, lion, or zebra in its natural environment?

All animals follow their natural instincts, finding the right foods to meet their needs in their natural environment.

To the very degree that we humans don’t disrupt their natural environment, they continue to live naturally.

To the degree that we imposed our ideas upon them, they become stressed and in-so-doing, begin to display the same body-mind disorders that we suffer from.

For example, no animal has ever pondered the issue of good fats vs. bad fats because there is no such thing as bad fats in nature. They eat what they naturally desire, and with that, comes the right balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrate to facilitate their natural expression of life.

It has been found by researchers that when we put animals in zoos or any form of captivity that alters their natural ability to move, live and eat according to their body-plan, they display almost identical stress reactions that humans do in the same situations!



If you’d like to learn more about why so many people are sick and stressed because of a departure from their natural environment and instincts, The Human Zoo, by Desmond Morris will validate my points here.

When you look at my cartoon image above, you can see that as we become entangled in the rat race of living unnaturally, we become progressively more stressed.

Our body begins to reflect our minds; full but empty and forever hungry for life-sustaining substance. The result, more often than not, is trying diets to trim ourselves down so the mirror and our desire for social approval isn’t so painful.

The problem is, clearly, that diets don’t work!that is, until they do.

This mind map comes directly out of my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

It shows that we all need a healthy level of stress to maintain our natural body-mind balance. You can see that there are six types of basic stressors that we all need.

You can also see examples (top right of diagram) of what exemplifies too much, or the wrong type of these stressors if health and wholeness are our intention.

Research into dieting has shown over and over again that those that loose weight on diets not only gain the weight they lost back, but end up gaining more weight than when they started the diet about 98% of the time.

You’d think that people would have figured that out by now just by looking at themselves in the mirror or looking around them at all the overweight dieters!

But logic seems to go out the window as health diminishes the capacity for our brains to access our whole mind.

Dieting does not work because all diets are essentially prescriptions. Prescriptions are given on the assumption that there is something wrong, or that there is a right way for everyone to eat.

The problem is that what’s wrong for you, may be right for the person standing next to you, and vice versa. Each diet a person does, typically offers:

• A change in the foods eaten, therefore, offering the body-mind more variety. Variety of any type (where real food is used) offers a wider range of nutrients the body-mind can use to balance and heal itself.

• Greater self-awareness

Because our body-mind construct is dynamic and ever changing to balance our inner-environment with the outer-environment, we run the risk of not changing our “diet prescription” to match our immediate nutrition needs.

In my downloadable webinar titled, “Eating The CHEK Way“, I share three effective methods of customizing your diet needs from meal to meal.

Over and over again, in my own life, and coaching thousands of others, I’ve seen that a person’s individual diet needs can change radically from morning to night based on the stressors they experience.

Diets begin to work for the few that are aware, when they come to realize that each diet that helped them offered them something unique that addressed an individual need at the time of the diet.

Inevitably though, within a few weeks or months, what was working so well starts to backfire.

A good example of this is the Atkins diet. Those who were not getting enough protein from flesh foods initially saw rapid improvements in body shape and energy.

Then, they began to see themselves gain weight and get tired again, along with joint pains, indigestion, constipation, and a variety of other indicators that their current love affair with Dr. Atkins wasn’t working.

The next thing you know, the pendulum swings in the other direction. Now they jump to an Ornish (low fat/protein) type diet that focuses on more plant based nutrition only to go through the same yo-yo process again!

Those that are “aware”, often come to learn something from each diet experience until they finally develop a functional relationship with themselves.

They may come to know what it feels like to need more plant based foods and nutrition, and simply add it to their diet instead of running out to buy the latest diet book (often written by someone who’s health and body shape are not ideal anyway!).

Therefore, diet’s don’t work until they work.

You can save yourself a LOT of time and discomfort by simply studying my Eating The CHEK Way audio and following the fully individualized eating and movement planning in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

There is a photo of me, the author, right in the book so you can all see what living that way has done for me.

There are thousands of healthy, intelligent, vital CHEK Practitioners and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches around the world who have successfully implemented my teachings in their own life and the lives of countless others.

My methods teach you how to love and care for yourself, and how to be aware of your unique individual needs from meal to meal by cultivating a healthy relationship with your body-mind.

That is the best I can offer the world on this topic.

I eat, move and am healthy in my body, mind and spirit and I nourish myself every day. That is my offering to you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek