December 3, 2012

Conclusion of HLC2 & Willing Sees the Picture

Happy Monday!

I had a great time teaching my students in HLC2. Five days went by really quickly and I felt that I gave the students everything they need to become great Holistic Lifestyle Coaches.

The student’s learned a lot more than they expected throughout the entire course; they came face-to-face with the paradoxes of Love and the programming that makes their illusions dance.

They learned how to stork walk and how to fly.


They learned tai chi ruler and most have committed to a 100 day gong practice.

I’m going to take the next couple of days off to catch up with myself and get into the gym.

I feel blessed that so many amazing and beautiful people entrusted me as their Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

I did my best to create a safe space for everyone to live, love and share their dreams and nightmares so we could all learn, love and grow together.

I learned that I’m still a man with lots of love, learning and growth potential and I’m excited to share the journey into my SELF with each and all of my students and the rest of the amazing beings we all share The Garden with…

Each day, the world blossoms again, but it is up to each of us to water, nurture and grow with this flower, for Her life is our life, here and Now.

Willing Sees the Picture


To will is to give
When willing sees flames on a birthday cake
Willing celebrates
Because willing sees the significance of celebrating life
Willing sees the picture

TAO-TE-zen practice is one of turning the rug over
When you see the crudeness and all the shortcuts on the other side
You see the apparent chaos that supports beauty
Yet which side do you walk on?

Zen is in the middle where consciousness sees
The marriage of order and chaos
In the middle there is union
There willing sees the picture
That is zen.

The fact is that in order to truly see the picture, we must have an open mind.

As I’ve said before in TAO-TE-zen teachings, to know God, connect what you can’t see to what you can see.

To see the intangible and the tangible creates wholeness.

To look at the negative of any situation without seeing the positive often creates the illusion that there is something wrong.

But maybe the negative is an actual healing process or balancing process that one cannot see without looking at the whole picture.

“Willing Sees the Picture” is an invitation to be willing to see the whole picture.

“To will is to give.” To give anything is an act of will. “Willing sees flames on a birthday cake. Willing celebrates because willing sees the significance of celebrating life.”

When willing looks to the deeper significance then one, for example, does not get caught up in the fact that the birthday cake is potentially made of sugar and white flour and all sorts of things that aren’t good for your health.

Willing looks to the bigger picture, which is the significance indicated by the candle on the cake. It’s a celebration of life.

Willing sees that the joy of the experience is more therapeutic to the being than the negative perception created by the products being worshiped in the process of celebration as a sacrament.

There’s an important lesson there especially if you’re coaching people towards health and well-being: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

One must be brave enough to look at the things that the ego does not want to look at for fear of blame, shame, guilt, and judgment.

When we become brave enough to stand in the middle, we actually find a paradox, when we get naked between chaos and order, beauty and ugliness, we are capable of seeing a greater whole, a greater level of functionality.

Often times the things we thought we needed to fix are actually the very things holding things together -the things that make us unique – novel expressions of Wholeness.

Only when we get in the middle can we synthesize multiple points of view and come up with an optimal solution.

When in the middle, we find that all along, we’ve been all alone, surrounded by the rest of ourSelf in The Dragon, our One and Only Home.

That is the zen way – doing-not-doing, the Greatest Magic of ALL.

Have a great day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek