December 6, 2012

Only The Present Exists ~*~

Happy Thursday to You!

I had a lovely, productive day yesterday.

Amidst my work, I got into the gym for a great pushing workout. I finished my day with a great tai-chi session outside in the dark on the wet grass. The chi field was strong.

When I finished, I was harmonized in body-mind and ready for a deep sleep. That came and went, and I’m here NOW, in the present with you, and at this moment, we are all that exists; all that is, IS.

Universal Principle 4: ONLY THE PRESENT EXISTS

The present is the only time there is. All created forms exist within the eternal Now.

The past no longer exists. Any time spent thinking about the past keeps us out of the only time there is – the present. As we focus totally in the present, we notice that our intuition (our connection with Intelligent Infinity) guides us perfectly in our interaction with everyone and everything.
(Reference: Arnold Patent’s Universal Principles::

Can you see your face in my drawing of The Divine Mirror above?
If you can’t, it is most likely because you are looking for the image of yourself from past experiences.

If you had never seen your likeness, you would not know what you were looking for.

There are only two places the now exists (symbolically) in my drawing above:

1. The center: where every thing meets every other thing as ONE.

2. The circumference: Everything is contained within the circumference.

If the universe were experienced from the center, all things perceivable would be proceeding to, and from the center, yet the center would not change. From the center, you would be the center of all things, all events, all experiences.

If your consciousness were to expand infinitely from any point in the universe, all things would be perceived as ONE. You would embody ALL things, all events, all experiences.

When we become one with our center, we do not perceive this, or that. We Are ONE, NOW.

When we become one with the wholeness that we emerge from to experience life as an individual, again, we are ONE, NOW.

When we let our past fears and ideas or conceptions become the basis of our perceptions, we still exist in the NOW, but are not aware of what is being offered to us in the NOW; all things in existence are interdependent and can only be separated by our judgments, but are they true?

If you focus on any one color in my drawing (black, gold or blue), you will notice that what perceive is both exclusive of the other colors you are ignoring, yet only exists because the other colors give contrast, options.

When our life is challenging, we have a tendency to project our fears (acts/beliefs of separation) onto the NOW. Yet to do so, we must ignore the NOW; all your fears are based on past experiences and the beliefs you’ve been programmed with or have chosen to create as your own.

Should you project your past experiences, beliefs or fears into the future, you have again departed from the NOW (with your perception only) and can only experience the past in your projected future.

I realize that letting go of the past, and/or not projecting the past into the future are hard things for most of us to do.

The nature of the ego is to create separation so that we can experience people, places and things as other than ourselves, which is the basis of all experiences in time.

Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle 4 (above) is an offer to go outside our linear experiences and perceptions of time so that we can access the wholeness of our Self – the totality of who and what we really are.

Arnold says:
“As we focus totally in the present, we notice that our intuition (our connection with Intelligent Infinity) guides us perfectly in our interaction with everyone and everything.”

To use our intuition, we must be willing, and brave enough to let go of preconceived notions about what did, or should happen in our life, or the lives of others. When we focus totally in the present, there is no past or future, yet we are sure the present exists because we are one with the present, the only time there truly is.

The way this becomes a rational concept and a practice that aids us in having the experiences we choose to create and have in our lives is to first become clear of our intention.

When you have a clear intention to experience and express your love to self and others in a way that is life affirmative, there is no fear that your intuitive insights will conflict with your ego’s definition of right or wrong.

There is a willingness to sense the natural flow of the universe – the Tao (the way); when our thoughts, words and deeds are disharmonious with the flow of Tao, we experience “resistance”.

The thought, “I open to receive guidance in the fulfillment of my dream”, followed by a willingness to extinguish all self-generated thought allows us to abide in silence (NOW).

What emerges within (while in a state of open receptivity), be it a sense of knowing, a seeing, a hearing, or feeling, is the gift guided by your Universal Mind.

Because all events in the universe are expressions of the flow of energy in the universe (Spirit), allowing ourselves to receive from an open (empty) state gives us the assurance that our ego did not create the answer. We know the answer is meant for us because it is congruent with our intention, and to be a silent recipient.

As we practice relaxing our ego-mind, it is as though we open the aperture of a camera so widely it can picture the whole of existence. This allows us to feel and perceive all possibilities.

The ego functions to focus, point, and shoot, while the intuition shows us all the possible options we could image or imagine.

It is our intention that acts as an attractor for direction from our wholeness. Thus the old saying, “intention determines outcome”.

Because we are all blessed with free will, we can choose to limit our view and our perception to match our fears and/or projections, but doing so radically limits the options one can perceive because choosing fear is choosing to sustain your own illusion, your old story!

When we act out of love for ourselves, and the rest of our Self (our wholeness), we are willing to see and feel the direction to move in order to create more love.

When we create more love and wholeness within ourselves, we naturally create experiences that are congruent with, and lead us ever closer to the truth of ourselves.

As I have become brave enough in my own life to not take my own programming, or my self-generate story as gospel, I’ve found that my intuition guides me beautifully.

So beautifully in fact, that over the years, I’ve found that my ego-mind is very limited in it’s ability to cultivate the experiences and relationships that make me feel safe and whole.

Without knowing how it is that “I Know” through intuition, “I feel” the truth of the guidance I receive.

When I act on it, I find myself ever more at ease because things workout much better in general than when I tried to figure things out with my head (ego-mind).

This is like the wonder of opening a present. The present is full of exciting new ways to create in the NOW, without excluding the rest of your Self.

Through all my practice (healing), I’ve come to feel safe in the NOW, for the worst thing that could happen to me is physical death, and then NOW is all there is!

Once you savor being in the NOW (because of all the great presents you’ve found there), there is no fear of BEING fully – you are in Love as LOVE!

That is the gift of Arnold Patent’s teaching with Universal Principle number 4.

My wish for you today is take my gift into your own heart and mind.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek