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  • The Seven A’s of Healing Part 2: Awareness

    Happy Monday! Life has a habit of getting in the way of busy people, especially when time is in short supply and things need to get done. For me lately, that’s been teaching classes, doing speaking engagements, working with clients […]

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  • The Seven A’s of Healing Part 1: Acceptance

    Happy Monday to you all! I hope that life is wonderful wherever you live in the world. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a new series of blogs/vlogs based on the final chapter of Dr. Gabor Mate’s excellent […]

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  • Do You Trust?

    Happy Thursday to You! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. My day was very busy, but productive. I got into the gym for a nice heavy lunge workout coupled with some core work. Yesterday, as I was working […]

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  • Core Values Support Your Dream (Pt.2)

    Happy Day to you! Does your life seem out of control at times? Do you seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over, even when you are sure you want to choose differently? Are you challenged by key […]

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  • Cause and Effect

    Cause and Effect

    Happy Thursday to You! I had a productive day yesterday. I created time to get into the gym and do some deadlifting. It was my day to go heavy, but after a weekend of rock lifting, I didn’t have the […]

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  • Only The Present Exists ~*~

    Only The Present Exists ~*~

    Happy Thursday to You! I had a lovely, productive day yesterday. Amidst my work, I got into the gym for a great pushing workout. I finished my day with a great tai-chi session outside in the dark on the wet […]

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