January 3, 2013

Cause and Effect

Happy Thursday to You!

I had a productive day yesterday. I created time to get into the gym and do some deadlifting. It was my day to go heavy, but after a weekend of rock lifting, I didn’t have the steam to do a good job of it, so I switched from sets of two, to sets of eight and coupled that with reptilian crawling.

Then it was back to work to put the final touches on my new DVD program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials. We are just waiting for confirmation from our reproducers that all discs are fully functional and reproducible and we’ll begin filling our initial orders.

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Cause and effect is essentially a universal law; regardless of who or where you are, any action results in a reaction. When we come to understand that our actions, be they within ourselves, or outwardly directed, produce reactions, we become more clear as to what exactly we are creating.

Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle #7 address this issue directly. This universal principle is the most challenging for those that are caught in denial, and/or are ignorant of the magnitude of their choices, and their power to create.

Let’s review this important principle:


“I acknowledge the circumstances of my life and know that I am responsible for them. Without judging myself or anyone, I take total responsibility for their creation.

I now open myself to experience everything according to my ideal.

There are no accidents in the Universe. We always receive what we want. Since many of our wants are subconscious, the only foolproof way to know what you want is to see what you have.

Once we are willing to take total responsibility for everything we experience, we offer ourselves the opportunity to experience the ideal and to be peaceful and joyful under all circumstances.”

My Commentary

I have bolded the most important sentence in this Universal Principle.

Technically speaking, experts in the field of consciousness and brain studies have suggested that our ego-consciousness only comprises about 8% of our total conscious awareness.

Physiologically speaking, our nervous system is capable of bringing in 10 billion bits of information per second (a type written page is about 1,000 bits), or the equivalent of 10 million pages of information each second. Out of that massive amount of information, the brain selects 10-100 bits of information it perceives to be necessary for making survival choices.

That said, you can see that you are very unaware of the masses of information coming to you constantly, and are only acting on a microcosm of the macrocosm of possible choices.

Now, this is purely “physical” or physiological. If science could assess how much information we are capable of perceiving through intuition, the number of bits accessible would be staggering!

That said, it is important to realize that to the very degree that you are stressed for any reason, your intuition will be thwarted by your physiology and basic survival programming; what you perceive as stressful, and how you respond is largely a product of parental and social programming.

Stress perception locks you into the reality created and projected by your own ego-mind or what I like to call the idea-mind.

The statement, “Since many of our wants are subconscious, the only foolproof way to know what you want is to see what you have” is one that often triggers people in to intellectually driven defense behaviors.

These behaviors are very common for people living in denial. The most common cause of living in denial I see emanates from people having a conscious or unconscious belief that someone else should be responsible for taking care of them. That may be in relation to their physical needs, emotional needs, love needs, etc.

When we realize that what we have, or are experiencing in our life at any given time is the product of either our creation, or our participation, we are in position to begin to take responsibility for the creation of the life we truly desire.

When someone believes that their life isn’t working, it is often perceived to be because of something that someone else is doing, or not dong for them. Each such experience is one we must choose to participate in, or continue to participate in.

Only when we become spiritually brave enough to accept that we are at least 50% of every relationship we have with persons, places or things, can we ever begin to choose more effectively relative to our dream.

Today is a good day to list all the things that you feel are not working in your life and take a moment to meditate on why you keep participating in the creation, or maintenance of such situations.

Once you are clear on the life you’d like to live, then you are more likely to be clear on who you can share the creation of that experience with. This is the beginning of making the choices that heal.

It is important to remember that if GOD is GOD, then UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the authentic nature of the Universe. The only way we can experience GOD is by creating conditions.

Once we realize that our choices “condition the UNCONDITIONAL”, and that GOD never says “No”, we are in position to allow GOD to say “YES” to our new vision of our life, and to the better, more congruent choices we are willing to make NOW.

I’m with all of you learning to master these essential universal principles every day. Sometimes I get thrown off my horse-of-self, but like a cowboy in love, I just get up, dust off, and jump back on.

That’s the only we can tame the bucking bronco we call “the ego”, and get it to work in partnership with us.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek