May 2, 2012


Good Wednesday to You!

I hope your day brought deep satisfaction and connectedness yesterday.

I had a lovely, productive day.

My day was very busy, yet I got into the gym with only 30 minutes to get in, changed, workout, shower, and back to a coaching call.

My workout consisted of walking lunges with 135 pounds for ten reps followed immediately by 10 reps of ass-to-the-grass squats to tip-toes (significantly improves balance and postural muscle recruitment), followed by 10 reps of reverse Swiss ball crunches with full leg extension on the eccentric phase.

I did four sets on about a 1:00 turnaround. I was huffing, puffing and sweating beautifully by the time my sets were over, which was only about 20 minutes. I ran in for a cold shower for about 4 minutes and was charged for my day.

Penny and I were off to a business and dinner meeting for the evening so I did my tai-chi outside my office on the grass under our big tree. In only 15 minutes, I was bubbling with chi.

As I sat in our meeting, I was giggling inside because I was so high! I was thinking to myself, “If these people knew how high I was right now, they’d probably all start laughing and wonder how I could even follow the meeting!”

But that’s the beauty of a Work-In high. It is as clean as a Divine Mirror, stable as Mt. Meru (the center of the Universe), and there are only positive side effects.

This is why I love teaching my students these simple methods of self-management.

We had a great meeting but didn’t get home until after 10:00 PM, which is about an hour later than I like to get to bed.

It takes me some time to wind down after interacting with people all day, so I got out my art pad and continued my drawing of a Dragon Shaman.

My brain stopped buzzing about midnight and I headed to bed.

I’m here now writing this blog and feeling great and ready for another productive day. I’m working on some great projects I’ll share with you soon.


A while back, Vidya turned me on to the work of Arnold Patent.

I am very impressed with all of his writings, audios and teachings in general. He is certainly one of the most enlightened westerners I’ve ever studied.

His writings have the clarity and functionality of a Sufi Master, yet he communicates in a way the western mind can (choose to) understand if open and willing to grow.

Arnold Patent’s teachings are based on a set of 24 Universal Principles he cultivated. Today I feel compelled to share Universal Principle 5: Oneness:

I am one within myself.
I am in harmony with Spirit.
I feel my kinship to all people and all forms of consciousness comprising the body of God.
The breath of God breathes through us all as a single organism.

As we release the perception of separateness and difference, we feel the peacefulness, harmony and joyfulness that come from sensing our connectedness with everything in the Universe.

We are one.

The world is full of diversity and
What often appears as controversy.

Politicians and religion
Science and holistics
Skinheads and Gnostics, and
Ken Wilber too.

Your mother may seem to be your origin
But where were you before you knew?

The earth may seem to be your home, yet
She came through a birth canal too!

Trace your path
Back to a star, and
Still you will not know who you are.

Something splendid
Something Grand
Must have played
The Original Hand
Not a woman
Not a man
Not even a body made of sand

Where we come from
No-thing, yet
With One Breath
The Universe does Sing
And in that song, we are
All One, yet
Not a “thing”
Holding hands around
An empty, luminous Ring.

To our Oneness
May we all sing!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek