August 1, 2013

Do You Trust?

Happy Thursday to You!

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

My day was very busy, but productive. I got into the gym for a nice heavy lunge workout coupled with some core work.

Yesterday, as I was working away at my desk, this beautiful Roadrunner came up to my window several times to visit.

Roadrunner at window

We have little baby roadrunners around now too, which is neat to witness.

Roadrunner through window
I tried to get up and grab my camera in time to catch a clear shot of this beautiful roadrunner, but they are easily spooked. This shot was taken through my office window. When I opened the door to try and get an unobstructed photo, the roadrunner headed off into the vegetation of the garden, but at least I can share this photo.

A few moments later it landed on the rockstack outside Vidya’s window and she got a great pic:.


As I was doing tai-chi in my stone circle this morning, there were roadrunners all around me. I could hear them speaking to each other. I mimicked their calls and soon, they were having a conversation with me too.

I have no idea what I was saying, but they found it interesting enough to keep the conversation going for some time. I find that if we use the language of love with plants and animals, they all respond favorably if they feel your love.

Do You Trust?

This morning, I recorded a short video clip on Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle titled, TRUST.

Spirit Within

I share Arnold Patent and Victor R. Beasley’s 1988 Universal Principle #12. This Principle is not from the new UP outlined on Patent’s website or in his book, The Journey.

In this Universal Principle, Arnold Patent encourages us to Trust in the Universe’s support of us at all times. I expand on this short, but important principle because naturally, it is hard for people to trust what they many not understand.



“I trust in the Universe’s total support of me at all times.

The most important and effective belief we can acquire to help us master The Universal Principle is trust in the Universe’s total support of us at all times.”

Trust in ourselves and others, let alone the Universe is not an easy experience for most people to gain. Trust usually comes slowly, and can easily be lost. Each time we lose our trust in a relationship, it becomes harder to regain the trust that once existed.

Arnold Patent encourages us to Trust in the Universes Total Support of us at all times, and I explain my experiences and some perspectives on how to incorporate this important principle into your life.

I hope you all have a beautiful day, and a beautiful weekend.

My buddy Rory is heading home today, thanks Bud for the great times we shared this trip!

I’m taking Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday off to rest. The past two months have been non-stop action for me, with little rest relatively speaking. Dr. Quiet is calling me, so I’ll spend a lot of time in my yard watching my trees grow this weekend. It’s time to wrap my fig tree in net so the birds don’t get all my figs before I do as well!

Penny has been having quite a time keeping all the local animals from eating our produce in the garden. We’ve employed a variety of natural means to keep them away from the food. I don’t have it in me to use traps that hurt, poisons, or any form of death. They all want to eat just like we do, and the food is as much theirs as it is ours. I like to find a happy balance in the sharing.

Penny has been away on vacation in Ashland, Oregon visiting my mother and her husband Alex. She’s been taking some flying lessons in my parents plane, which she really loves. I’m looking forward to seeing her when she returns this weekend. My bed feels very large and cold without her .

Until we meet again, Trust In The Universes Total Support of You At All Times!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek