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  • The Bear Walk and Reptilian Crawl

    Happy Monday! We’re back to Dr. Movement, and I have a special treat for you… This week’s blog/vlog features the Bear Walk and Reptilian Crawl, two simple infant development exercises among many taught in Advanced Training Programs at the CHEK Institute, […]

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  • Variable Depth, Variable Speed Training

    When I became the trainer of the U.S. Army Boxing team back in the 80s, I implemented weightlifting as part of their conditioning, yet many boxers and coaches expressed a lot of fears about it. In their experience, almost every […]

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  • Piston Breathing

    Happy Tuesday! My vlog this week is a day later than usual, as I have been on a plane traveling to Toronto for the canfitpro world fitness expo happening this weekend. This is part 4 of my Tips on Breathing […]

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    Good Thursday To You All! I was up before the birds today so I could have time to get ready for my one day pre-conference workshop on the Science of Breathing and Movement today at Can Fit Pro here in […]

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