August 18, 2011


Good Thursday To You All!

I was up before the birds today so I could have time to get ready for my one day pre-conference workshop on the Science of Breathing and Movement today at Can Fit Pro here in Toronto.

Penny arrived very late at night the day before yesterday and Vidya flew home to keep the fires burning there. We had a great time with the HLC 2 course, a couple days of coaching and now we enter in the final stretch of my trip. I’ll be giving the breathing workshop today, and another five or six presentations over the course of the conference. If you are interested in my presentations and would like to attend please visit the CanFitPro site.

I had a lovely day yesterday. Rory and I went over to Matt Nichol’s gym again yesterday and got a good workout in. I did a bunch of sets of lunges with heavy dumbbells, some Swiss ball bench press with crunch to upright sit, and spent time visiting some of the pro athletes there.

I had a great PPS coaching call as well. We finished the day by enjoying the remainder of Vidya’s beautiful food she left us. Thank you Vidya!

I hope you all enjoy the day and the weekend. I’ll keep you updated as well as I can with all the activities gong on all around me!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek